Tuesday, November 3, 2009

~Tea Things Tuesday~Little Girls

Its Tuesday and time for Tea Things Tuesday, with our gracious and lovely hostess, Kim, at www.shabbypinkandpretty.blogspot.com.  If you love tea and tea things, just visit Kim and other tea lovers for more pretties!

Welcome to my tea cottage…Let me pour you a cup of tea and share some  relaxing moments with you today. 

My camera software is acting up, so I am posting some pictures of my granddaughters birthday tea party.  I think she was 6.  She is now 10.  They are just toooooooo cute!

 Jessie at tea birthday party jessie at tea party Jess birthday party tea Jessies tea birthday party

This photo is inside, opening gifts…no teacups, sorry…but I think its cute, so thought I would share!

jess with presents

Don’t be afraid to have a tea party for little ones with your best china…the children are amazingly aware of the delicacy, and handle it with care!  They would pick the teacups so gently, and put them back down very slowly…it was adorable to watch.  And they just love wearing the big brimmed hats!  Being pretty and feminine begins very early, doesn’t it?

I hope everyone has a blessed day.  I’ve been so busy lately, I am overwhelmed with medical letters, and “change in policy” letters from banks…and  thinking about the holidays…I could scream!  But I won’t…I’ll go look at some teacups over at Kim’s…bring your cup of tea and come join me! 

Please pray for all of our blogging friends, our troops and our country.

God bless you all!



  1. Oh Mary, this is just an adorable post. A little girls tea party. Soooo sweet. All the girls look adorable in their hats. Sorry to hear you are feeling overwhelmed. Just take one day at a time sweetie. thank you for taking time to share your post with us. Bless you.


  2. Mary what an absolutely adorable tea party. Have a wonderful blessed day.


  3. Mary, these are such precious pictures. What as sweet day that must have been. Thanks for sharing your granddaughter's lovely tea.

  4. Oh Mary this is completely ADORABLE. I LOVE little girl tea parties. We had one to celebrate all the little flower girls in Melody's wedding. She had 4 of them ranging in age from 3 to 8 and 2 junior bridesmaids who were 11 at the time. It was just soo fun. And your right, the girls (even the 3 year old) were just as careful as they could be. They dressed up in their prettiest dresses and wore boas and hats and Melody gave them all their necklaces to wear at the wedding. Such a fun memory. I know just how you feel today. I too am hassling soo many things including settling everything for the holidays. Always an issue. I try as hard as I can not to get caught up in my family's (mom, brothers and sisters, not my kids) drama and yet somehow I am always pulled in. I think I am going to join you. I've poured my cup of tea and I am going to blog hop now to the other tea time posts with you... sounds so fun! Have a wonderful day Mary. Blessings, Debbie

  5. Hi Mary,
    What a wonderful post. Leave it to little girls to make you smile! Looks like they had fun at their tea party. Try to laugh a little today and hopefully things will look a little less bleak tomorrow. Will be thinking of you!

  6. How so very sweet! Those little ones love tea parties don't they? I had one in June for my two granddaughters. It was a princess party and they were so excited. I did blog about it, in case you want to check back through the archives. They are wanting another one soon.
    I think I entitled that blog "A visit from royalty." I love tea parties, so I wanted to start them early to appreciate it also.

  7. Oh what fun to treat these little girls to a tea party. I like how she's dipping her cookie/cracker in the tea :0)
    Love their hats!

  8. Dear Mary,
    Thank you for the reminder to pray. This always encourages me to do so.
    What a sweet party for a cutie. She's sweet and the party looked like such fun for the girls.
    I imagine that they still remember this party!
    Keepers for fond memories.

    Have a great week and I enjoyed the tea!
    God Bless,

  9. Hello Mary, thank you so much for sharing this post with us. It looks like so much fun. The table looks great too. We have set a date for our tea party which will be one week from Saturday. The invitations have to be done by within a couple of days, also party favors. I will do a post on the finished products to show you :o)
    Blessings my friend,

  10. Oh Mary.. What a fun and lovely tea party that you did for your grandaughter. I'm sure those little girls were just thrilled to bits to dress up, wear those sweet hats and drink tea from your lovely china and be little ladies for the day. I sure know I would have. Thanks for sharing pictures of her special day with us.

    Enjoy the rest of your week!!


  11. I enjoyed this post so much, Mary. And so sweet for you to have this memory, and the beautiful memory created for your granddaughter!
    All those little girls in those pretty hats and drinking from those pretty tea cups!
    This was really lovely.

    I'm sorry you're having so much trouble lately, hope you can get out from under and find some breathing room!
    I know what you mean about the holidays coming upon us, I'm trying hard to scale back (I've been doing that over the years anyway), it just makes things so much more relaxing when you don't feel that pressure!

    Take care of yourself, Mary.
    I will remember the troops in my prayers, and I will include the bloggers too (you included!).
    Love to you!,

  12. I love this!! Beautiful idea and post, Mary!

  13. Mary,

    How precious is this! Your grandaughter is adorable and all of these girls are just precious....looks like an absolutely wonderful time :)

    Praying for you! For Peace to be your guide and may you feel the Lords Comfort like a blanket on a cold day wrap HIMSELF around you!

  14. So cute, I love all their little hats!

  15. Hi Mary....Those photos are just too cute! What a great idea for a birthday party! It is a great idea for the kids to use the good china because I seen that first hand too that they are very gentle with the "breakables"! I will be answering your email soon! ~Hugs, Patti

  16. Mary...what a Lil Darlin for sure!!
    Looks like a wonderful fun time and I am betting she will remember that sweet day forever!
    Yes I am in 'crunch time' too...along with other worries, trying to get so much done for the 6 grand babies visit!
    Try to calm down ..here is a gentle hug along with a prayer I am sending out on angel wings your way.;-)

  17. Hello, Mary,
    I so enjoyed your little girls tea party. Your granddaughter is beautiful. All the girls look so cute in their party hats! I can just see them now enjoying their cups of tea but being oh so careful with the china. I, too, have found that children are very careful with delicate things and love to have tea parties! Sending many happy autumn thoughts your way! Vicki

  18. I have done tea parties for my grands and they love it. I love it too. You are right about their good manners and caring for the china.

  19. Mary, what a sweet post! I loved seeing all of the precious little ones in their hats. And what a cute little grandchild. I had a tea party a few years ago, but my guests were much, much younger so I used things that weren't quite as delicate but still cute. They had such a good time. I loved seeing all of your pictures. This was obviously a very fun party!


    Sheila :-)

  20. I don't get too excited about Tea Time but I do love the pictures you posted!! I just dropped by to say, "Hi" and "Have a great day."

  21. These are adorable pics ! Tea partys & kids are such fun , I need to do one with my granddaughters. Ilove the pics where they all have hats on . 8~)

  22. She is beautiful and it looks like they are having a blast at the party!

  23. Oh, Mary, that first photo is just too cute for words - I hope you have that one framed and on display!

  24. What beautiful photos and what a special time.

    Blessings and love to you.

  25. What a beautiful redhead, not that I'm partial or anything ;)

    Kids seem to just love tea parties! It is a great way to teach manners. Now I gotta go check out some more cute redheads!

  26. Your granddaughter looked very cute. I love the tea party pics and your thoughts on the girls using the delicate china.

  27. What a beautiful red hat on a beautiful little girl! I just love little girls tea parties! This one looks so special!

    I'm composing a note to you, will send it soon!


  28. What fun! LOVE THAT RED HAT! I wish I could have come! :)

    HA! I could have worn purple.


  29. PRICELESS! God is so good!