Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Christmas in Red and White

…and green!

Happy Wednesday, my wonderful blogging friends, and welcome to my tea cottage once again.  I hope your day is bright and beautiful, just like you are, and that visiting some of your favorite blogs will warm you inside and out.

I wasn’t going to show you anything Christmas-y until after Thanksgiving, but with this being White Wednesday and Rednesday, how could I control myself?  And besides, some of these little gems were thrift store finds that area screaming to be shared with you.  Be sure to visit Kathleen at http://www.fadedcharmcottage.blogspot.com/ for more beautiful Whites, and Sue at http://suelovescherries.blogspot.com/   for some cheery reds!  Click on the buttons to the right and you’ll be right there.

I found these adorable napkin rings, in perfect condition, for $4.00 at my favorite thrift store, you know, the one that I don’t even tell my best friends about.   I don’t want any competition.  


The red and white snowflake tablecloth is from Home Goods.  What a nice backdrop for these beautiful little holly leaves and berries.

napkin rings

And these gorgeous Lenox salad plates are from T.J. Maxx…I just got them yesterday…had to go to 2 different locations to get all 4


And also another four with a coordinating pattern.  I’m not sure, but I think I prefer more holly and less ribbon. However, in order to have 8 plates, I will have to mix and match. 


And here is the pasta bowl…I’m not sure…do you think its supposed to be a serving bowl for pasta, and not an individual bowl?  It is rather large…could anyone eat that much pasta?  YES!


The white underplate is also a T.J. Maxx find last summer.  Since I didn’t find the dinner plates to match, I will use the white…I think its just fine, don’t you?  BUT…if I do find those matching dinner plates, they will be mine!

This beauty is also from my thrift store…”MY” thrift store!  It is salad size, and also in perfect condition…I love the hexagon shape…I’ll probably hang it on the wall, rather than use it.  Don’t want any crumbs on it, ya know!   How much?  Only $1.50!



I love the colors of Christmas, and since my house is primarily greens and pinks/rosy reds, its quite easy for me to decorate with these wonderful colors.  I can live with them all year, with just a little softening of the shades for spring and summer.

I do apologize for jumping ahead of the season of Thanksgiving…that is a very important time for us in America to celebrate…and Canada too.  I still don’t know much about the Canadian holidays, but am learning by reading some of the wonderful blogs from our neighbors.  I do hope that Thanksgiving brings hope, joy, and thankful hearts to all of you…even in the midst of change and war, we still have very much to be grateful to the Lord for.  I pray that we all remember that He is the giver of all good things, and that He walks with us when things are not so good…we just need to stay close and trust Him to lead us into the future.

Thanks so much for visiting me today…I absolutely love company…I do hope you enjoyed your time here, and will come back soon. 

God bless you all!




  1. Hi Mary!
    I just love it all! Those napkin rings are so perfect along with your beautiful dishes! So pretty!!

    Have a great day!
    If you haven't checked out my giveaway, I hope you will stop by!

  2. Oh Mary!!!
    How beautiful those napkin rings are and your dishes....I just love them.

  3. Hi Mary,
    Just gorgeous! I love your new plates, the tablecloth and that thrift store looks awesome! Cindy

  4. Oh I love everything. I do prefer more holly and less ribbon also. You could also use the pasta bowl as a serving size salad bowl if it's big enough. It all looks so pretty I wish I was coming to your house.

  5. The dishes are so pretty.I love love the adorable tablecloth.I think it adds to the beauty of the dishes as well.What great finds.I will have to check out TJ maxx,we only have one store here though.

    Enjoy your day Mary!

  6. Hi Mary,

    I am getting into the christams spirit alittle early too and can't wait to decorate, but Hubby always wants me to wait. I love those napkin rings.


  7. Hi Mary,
    I love your red and whites! The little napkin rings are adorable with their bright berries!Love the china too! You have the best stores in the States! Thank you for sharing your delightful treasures and enjoy your day. Happy REDnesday.


  8. Another beautiful day at Mary's tea cottage! These dishes are all beautiful...
    Blessings, andrea

  9. Hi Mary, Your table setting is so pretty. What a lovely tablecloth and napkin rings, we need the HomeGoods stores in Canada. I live in a large city and there is one store in town that is like HG. Your are blessed to have four HG's to visit! Your red and whites are so beautiful. I enjoyed my visit..til next time. Hugs, Cindy S.

  10. Oh, Mary, this is so pretty! And I love that the plates don't match exactly, it's so prettily coordinated! And I think it adds a bit of interest that way! Definitely not a boring tablescape! I think table settings look so much more personal and creative when it's not all matched. And to me this is perfection!
    I love both patterns, the holly is so pretty, but I love the extra bits of red that the ribbon adds too.
    Beautiful, Mary!
    And I am SO IN THE MOOD FOR CHRISTMAS! So this is a very welcome post to me!

    Also, many thanks to you for your comment to me on my prayer journal blog. It's nice to see that others think like I do. I think the area we live in makes us feel isolated in our way of thinking. Not a lot of conservative thinking in my neck of the woods!
    Blogging has helped me to not feel so alone.
    God Bless you!
    Love to you, Eileen

  11. Hi Mary....Love those napkin rings! I am with you...I love the holly plates more than the ribbons but they are good match to mix together with the holly. Your table settings are always so pretty and you do have a lot of dishes., girl! lol I can't wait to see your holiday decorating!~Hugs, Patti

  12. What a stunning combination. It is all so pretty and festive.

  13. The napkins rings goes perfect with those gorgeous dishes. All is so pretty!!!

  14. Those napkin rings are just the cutest things! I don't blame you for not telling your friends...I probably wouldn't have told them either. It's amazing how well they go with those Christmas dishes and snowflake tablecloth. After seeing all of the Christmas decorating in Blogland, I'm so ready to pull out my stuff too! I think I'll start decorating next week.

  15. Lovely napkin rings! I don't blame you for not sharing your "secret" thrift store! I don't share my sources, either! I hope you find more of that Lenox pattern, too!

  16. Your dishes are so beautiful! "YOUR" thrift store looks like a great one to shop at. Working at a grocery store this is a such a busy time of year for me. When I get home I'm so tired. Your post today inspired me to start getting somethings out now while I still have some energy.
    Have a blessed day,

  17. Dear Mary,
    I loves it, I do!!!

  18. I LOVE it Mary!! Soo pretty. I like the idea of mix and matching coordinating plates. Keeps it interesting. I need one of those thrift stores by me. There is one in Downtown Upland but I just never think about it when I am looking for something. I am going to have to make a trip there. I know how you feel about Christmas decs. I ALWAYS have mine out and the decorating done the Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving, but this year I will have the house full of company so it won't be happening. This will be hard, haha...Have a wonderful day dear Mary. Hugs, Debbie

  19. Do not apologize for jumping to Christmas. I did it too! Doesn't at all mean that we're not thankful, and we WILL celebrate on that day, for sure! Those plates are all so lovely, especially against that tablecloth!
    Happy Rednesday!
    P.S. Yes, I could eat that much pasta!

  20. I truly like the napkin rings. That is one thing I do not have, is pretty napkin rings for Christmas. I love the salad plates. I would get some, but I already have Christmas china. It is Spode Christmas Tree. I have to get out to the thrift stores again, and see what pretty Christmas things are out there. I really like a lot of white mixed in with the green and red. Nice finds for you!

  21. Just gorgeous. I love the napkin rings and all the beautiful dishes are just stunning. So pretty. Hugs, Marty

  22. I love them all together and those napkin rings are so cute!!

  23. Well you are all set for Christmas! It's all beautiful, but those napkin rings are precious! But you knew that. :)

  24. Oh my, your plates, setting and napkin holders are SO gorgeous!!! What a happy looking table it must be :)

  25. Hi Mary,
    Thank you so much for visiting "Home is Where the Heart is". It's a delight to meet you.
    I adore your blog and you have such a sweet spirit about you that shines brightly through your writing.
    I love the Christmas plates you found at Home Goods, I would have purchased those too! and I see you have Tea for Ones, me too, I collect them and use them all the time.
    I will be visiting often and have become a follower.
    Take care and enjoy your day,

  26. Mary, those plates are so pretty. Don't you just love TJMAXX. The white plate underneath is great but if you have red plates? might try them? I just love the napkin holders. I've enjoyed visiting you today and will come by again.


  27. Dear Mary, I really enjoy your bright cheery post :o) Why is It I can never find any nice 'Christmasy' stuff like these? I'm almost certain that TJMAXX in the states is TKMAXX in the uk. We seem to get the 'dregs' here, lol. So unfair :o(

    Hugs :o)

  28. I just love everything!!! The plates are gorgeous and matches fine together. The napkin rings are too cute! Wish I had these lovely things on my Christmas table! Happy Rednesday!
    Greetings from the Netherlands!

  29. I love your Christmas plates. They are so beautiful! Very elegant.

  30. Mary,
    thanks for visiting. I love your Christmas Table lovelies! I love when TJ Maxx puts their plates on clearance. There are some right now with Scotties on them that I am watching! You are going to have a beautiful table setting for your Christmas meal. ps - I will give the doggies a smooch for you...of course. :-)

  31. Dear Mary this is so beautiful. Everything looks so festive and cheery. Now your getting me thinking about getting out my Christmas dishes :>) Those napkin rings are really pretty.

  32. Beautiful! Being a man I almost didn't leave a comment. Clif doesn't seem to fit with Mary, Elly, etc. But I appreciate pretty things almost as much as you women do. I thought I should say so. Have a great evening.

  33. I love red & white almost as much as blue & white. Those napkin rings are very nice and I really like the tablecloth too. That must be quite a thrift store - I don't blame you for keeping it under your hat - great finds.

  34. Well Mary I'm certainly glad that you decided to show us these pretties. I laughed when you said that you don't even tell your best friends about your favorite haunts. That is so me! Loved your post friend.
    I think that I actually had a worse reaction to the burlap this time than the first time I worked with it and now I'm afraid to even touch it again. Crazy!

  35. Hi Mary; What a lovely table setting... How lucky for you to find such beautiful plates.. love them all... have a great week.


  36. Hi Mary
    The Christmasplates are beautiful and I really like the napkin rings. That thrift store is a good one! Hugs, Rhondi

  37. I love your reds and whites! What lovely dishes you have and the different patterns are so prety together. Now those little napkin rings just take the cake! :) Thanks for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  38. So very pretty - it was worth the trips to get those salad plates. They are lovely.

  39. What beautiful Christmas plates! I'm going to TJ Maxx today, I almost hope they don't have those there, I don't want to be tempted!

    Love the napkin rings and tablecloth as well!


  40. I love the napkin rings , (Got to love those thrift stores.) They go so well with the other beautiful Christmas dishes .

  41. Hello Mary,

    Oh, I just love this whole setting! The plates, and napkin rings. Just so caa ute! I have to go to TJ Maxx now. I already have so many dishes. But, I just love the red and white.

    Debbie from NJ

  42. Hello!I was just passing and saw those lovely napkin rings and the china plates.
    I have lots of red,white and blue in spots,checks,stripes and florals.My poor husband is living in a very girly house!


  43. Hi Mary!! I was looking back at some older posts on my blog & just realized that you had been by to visit me! Not sure how I missed that! Thank you for such sweet compliments! & the picture advice!

    Your Blog is Beautiful! Love your pretty Christmas china!

    I've signed up as a follower...So I'll be back again to visit real soon!

    Blessings ~ Teresa

  44. Mary you are going to have the prettiest holiday table ever!!! I love the mix and match plates. Everything you found looks so wonderful together!
    Have a fabulous Thanksgiving sweetie!!!!

    My Desert Cottage

  45. Hello Mary, first off thank you for a dropping a line at my site I do appreciate and most of all congratulating me on becoming a US citizen yepey! As I look around here in your blog I found the Pledge of Allegiance with the US flag and a flashback came to me the day I took my OATH....I had a goosebumps saying those words because I took it seriously.
    Anyhow, your find here is amazing, well you can whisper to me what thrift store you go hehehe!! Happy weekend!

    My Life’s Journey in Focus
    At my tabletop
    My Life’s Photo
    My Pride and Joy

  46. Dear Mary,
    it's always a great pleasure to spend time at your cottage. your posts are always so precious.
    I love your Xmas table setting. Those plates are great. I'm for the more holly - less ribbon, just lke you, but still they are just great. BTW, in Italy that IS a pasta/soup plate!
    Yes, in Italy one can indeed eat sooooooooo much pasta and even more.