Sunday, May 16, 2010

Spiritual Sundays ~ One Day At A Time

Hello everyone.

I'm so sorry it's taking me so long to get back to my blog. I really want to come back soon and share things with you, but it is a slow process. Just know that I am okay, and thinking about all of you, missing your blogs and comments very much. The Lord is just working in me so many ways, and I'm somewhat overwhelmed, but I'm starting to see where He's taking me. I's truly ONE DAY AT A TIME!

I'm really late in getting this post on for Spiritual Sundays, but when I saw this, I didn't want to wait til next week. Please click on the following link and be uplifted! If it doesn't click on for you, please paste and copy...it's worth it!


I hope it works because the words are wonderful. I've heard from a couple of you already that it didn't work, so tomorrow or the next day, I'll type the words out for you...not of the song, but of what is on this website. Confusing???

Love to all of you wonderful friends in blogland!