Tuesday, August 4, 2009

~White Wednesday Kitchen~

It’s a White Wednesday, thanks to our lovely hostess, Kathleen, at http://fadedcharmcottage.blogspot.com/.  Click on the lovely lady to the right to visit Kathleen and others that have posted  some beautiful white treasures  for you to view while you sit with a lovely cup of tea!

But first, I want to say thank you to  the ever so gracious  Duchess of Tea at http://roseteacottage.blogspot.com/ for gracing me with the lovely  award of Honorary Noble of the Most Excellent Order of the Blog Empire!  As a “newbie” to blogging, I must tell you that I am glad I found the Duchess’ blog right away, as we have a kindred love of all things tea!  I am  most delighted to be awarded this recognition and beautiful tiara!  I will wear it proudly!  It will be my pleasure to wear it when visiting the Duchess at her beautiful Rose Cottage, where we enjoy a delicious cup of tea while stopping to smell the roses.   



Thank you Duchess.  You are a most gracious and charming hostess!


My kitchen seems to be the one room in my house that never seems to be quite right.  It feels very boring and chilly to me, so I keep looking for ways to warm it up.  Right now, it’s just creamy walls and white cabinets, with black countertops and stainless steel appliances.  I always liked that look in magazines, but living with it has been a little different.  Not that I don’t like it – I do.  It might be because the rest of my house is so shabby chic and cottage style, that it seems out of place.  I’m thinking of a warmer shade of cream, almost a yellow, or a very pale, warm green – does green come in a warm tone?  Or do I accessorize with color?   Today, though, when I was at Home Goods, I saw this white canister set, and when I put it on the counter, it seems to bring the cottage look into the kitchen, and bring a warmth as well.  Perhaps it’s because of the touch of burnished gold in the name plate on the front.  As much as I like it’s classic white color, I haven’t decided  yet if I’m keeping it, because I still might want something with more color!

The set includes a teapot – another one for my collection! – a water pitcher, a butter dish, a sugar, a flour and a tea canister.  I couldn’t get a good picture of the cutwork on the top of the lid, but it’s just like the bottom, which is pretty clear.

Do you see the swatch of yellow behind the water pitcher?  I have several yellow swatches all over the kitchen!  I like it, but just not sure…it does warm it up, but will I tire of it?  Is it too yellow?  Oh, decisions, decisions!  How I hate decisions!


My favorite piece of the set - the teapot!  This would be my third white teapot – no, fourth!  Is that too many?  Careful how you answer that – I know where you live.


The butter dish – isn’t it darling?



The water pitcher.  Can’t you see pretty utensils peeking through the top?



The flour canister.  I wouldn’t put flour in it…but  maybe more teabags!



The complete set. They are so pretty together…



or separate.  The tea canister and the teapot – again – I just love looking at the teapot!


I’m already thinking of what whites to show you next week, so be sure to stop back in.  I might have a yellow kitchen, a different set of canisters, wallpaper…who knows! LOL!  But whatever the decor, the tea kettle will always have hot water ready to pour into a beautiful teapot, then gently into your choice of china teacups!  The door is always open to guests that want or need to sit awhile, and enjoy the calming effect of a soothing cup of tea.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Wednesday, whether it’s all in white or not, it’s a great day of the week.   May God bless all of you, and remember to keep “living in the pink”!



  1. Hello Mary, I seen something very similiar at TJMaxx last week..it might have even been the same canister set. It looks lovely on your countertop. Sounds like you are seriously considering painting the walls...I think color would be pretty since you have the white cabinets. Can't wait to see what you decide!
    ~Hugs, Patti

  2. I just love that teapot too. I went online to see if we have a store in our area and we do in the next town. Hopefully I can get over there and see is they have that teapot here. The whole set is beautiful.


  3. What a lovely post...the butter dish is my favorite...

  4. Hi Mary,
    How lovely! My favorite is the teapot. Great counter tops! Thank you for sharing.

    Ana~A Petite Cottage

  5. Hello Mary
    Thank you for dropping by this morning on white Wednesday...Your kitchen is beautiful and I love the tea set. Have a great day

  6. It's a pretty kitchen. I like the canisters in there.

    Here are some ideas to make it go with the rest of your Shabby Chic home:

    1) Paint the backsplash and kitchen a soft turquoise. It will add a touch of color and go well with all of your white/pink teacups.
    2) Another backsplash idea-use white subway tile; that is always cottagy.
    3) Another backsplash that might look really nice is one I saw on Design Star on HGTV. Go to their kitchen series and check out the burnished vinyl tile backsplash. It is probably the most beautiful backsplash I have ever seen. Candice Olsen said she has done that backsplash as well.
    4) I can see you have the granite tiles however marble would be a soft look for the kitchen and it would bring in the grey of the stainless steel. It also works well with the shabby chic homes and you could still add color to the walls. If I did marble, I would take the marble countertop and bring the marble up onto the backsplash.

    Your kitchen is still beautiful as is. You could also just add some pretty towels and hot pads in a soft color.

  7. Hi Mary,
    That white kitchen set is darling.I have the spagetti canister and the tea canister and I would love a few more pieces. A great post for white Wednesday!

  8. Hi Mary! I love white so I really love this canister set and all the little extra pieces!

    From what I can see, your kitchen is beautiful. (I'm definitely doing white cabinets when we re-do the kitchen-soon.) But it's really hard to recommend something since we can't see the overall layout and feel the "vibe" you kitchen gives off. However, I will say, you have good decorating intuition so if you feel like it needs a paint color, you are probably right since you know your kitchen inside and out. Pick a color...any color you like...and just GO FOR IT! It's just paint. It's certainly not hard or expensive to change if you hate it or get tired of it. If I were closer, I'd send you out shopping for the day and paint it for you while you were gone! :)

    Just another thought...I've been working on another project using paintable beadboard wallpaper (which I hope to show on my blog Monday). That stuff is awesome and really easy to work with! Even though I said I wouldn't be wallpapering anytime soon after I struggled to get the wallpaper off my LR and DR wall, I'm so impressed with it that I'm seriously considering wallpapering my kitchen backsplash with it. It would certainly "cottage up" your kitchen and it would be beautiful painted a pale yellow.

  9. Ohhhh I love those!!! Wanna trade "stuff" for cabinets? LOL

  10. Lovely post, Mary. Could we see more photos of the kitchen? We are planning a similar colour scheme in ours. I am loving anything white these days. I wonder if it will be another passing phase. lol

  11. Hey Mary!
    The finds from home goods are darling! I love them....I love that yellow swatch you've painted on the wall to think on, too...The white accents shows up great against the yellow. I wanted a yellow kitchen, but with my slightly orangey (I meant warm lol!) oak cabinets, someone told me that yellow walls would just make the cabinets look more orange, I mean warm. I have always loved yellow though. That yellow would look really pretty in your kitchen I think, and it looks like it would go pretty with the countertops too....and just think what a warm, and pretty backdrop it would make for your all of your rosey accents and accents of green pretties too. Anything would look so pretty against that color of yellow, except my orangey oak cabinets. LOL! I can't wait to see what you do! I hope you have a great day!
    Big Hugs,

  12. Hi, I am new to your blog. I love the canister set. I have an identical pot but it says "coffee" on it insted of tea. I love your kitchen. You should have mine. Early 1970's with dark brown cupboards, dark brown formica, and a yellowish linoleum floor...ick:(
    Anyway, I will visit again....I love tea related things also!

  13. Wonderful whites! Great post! I like all your finds very much.

    I think yellow is a very happy, sunny color, and a good color for a kitchen in particular, and I know you might be tired of white, but to me, nothing beats a soft cream/white. It's so clean looking. And your kitchen looks so homey and not at all like a cold, sterile kitchen. I like it just as it is. My vote is to just accessorize to get that shabby cottage feel. Why mess with perfection?
    All the best,

  14. Hi Mary~~
    Oh I love your beautiful whites! Congrats on your regal award from the Duchess, too!
    I am so happy that we 'met' yesterday and loved what you did with your sidebar~~
    Talk to you soon!

    ~Let FREEDOM Ring!~

  15. Hi Mary, love all your whites...absolutely beautiful.

    So glad you entered my giveaway and thank you for following Bella Vista.

    Join us for the Rooster Party....would love to have you!

    Hugs, Barb

  16. Hi Mary,
    This white set is darling!

  17. Lovely blog...I love TEA...and blue and white...

    my mother just sent me the Cream and Sugar to this very set! I did not realize there was a TEA Pot etc. to match! I love it...must be on a search now for the rest of the collection.

    You might enjoy reading about my latest TEA experiences at This is the day...and A Creative Heart

    God bless..

  18. I love your kitchen and the canisters. So pretty!!! I hear you about having a modern kitchen...I have one, too. But your accents make the difference. So lovely!


  19. I have the same set - different pieces. I sure wish I had seen the butter dish. I LOVE that!