Sunday, August 23, 2009

Met Monday Hutch Makeover

This is my first participation in Metamorphis Monday, brought to you by the very creative Susan at www.betweennapsontheporch.blogspot.com.  Just click on the yellow butterfly to the right, and you’ll join Susan and the other bloggers that have some wonderful transformations that will inspire you to create more beauty in your home or yard.

As I continued to collect teacups, teapots, china, collectibles and everything else to do with tea, I found that I had literally run out of room for storage.  So for months, I looked for a china cabinet that would work in my home.  After looking high and low in antique stores, thrift stores, flea markets, garage sales, I told hubby that I was just going to give it up, and find other nooks and crannies for my goodies. Then one day, I was browsing through a cottage decorating magazine, and saw a china hutch that I really liked.  It had an open hutch top, and I thought that would be the perfect style for me.  I hastily went to my trust dusty computer and googled Craigslist.  The very first hutch to appear, being listed that very day, was this china hutch and buffet…for…$75!  The young woman selling it told me it belonged to her grandmother, and she tried to keep it, but it was just too big and it really wasn’t her style.  She also said it was big and heavy, so I had to wait for my son to get off work so he could go with us to help hubby load it on the truck.  Well, when we got there, I took one look and knew I had a winner.  It was solid knotty pine, and the entire buffet bottom was all drawers!  That’s exactly what I needed for all my linens, that were in stuffed in drawers all over the house.  I couldn’t wait to get it home and begin the transformation…Here it is!


Sanding stage…these sanding blocks (there is another name for them, but I can’t remember it off hand) are great…they made the job easier for me, since I have a hard time controlling the electric sander…it always runs away from me. 




hutch top before

I tried to get a better shot of the drawer pulls…they are adorable!



The priming stage…a lot of drawers…I hated this part.  After I got it all taped papered and taped, I realized that it wouldn’t work and took it all off! 




First coat of paint

100_2429      100_2432


And after…I really like it.  I had planned on embellishing the curves on the top, but I just got impatient and wanted it done!



You can see the little French Country buffet that I posted previously…it’s over against the wall…see it?

living room 


Last month, I posted the little French country buffet that I purchased at Teen challenge Thrift Store many years ago…I always planned on redoing it, but never knew quite what to do…so when I brought this home, it became clear that it should be painted white right along with my “new” china hutch.  We did them at the same time…what a job! Not sure I would do that again, but it get done and we brought them both in the house at the same time… I loved them both!

I have to give a lot of credit to  Shari at www.mycottageofbliss.blogspot.com . She has a wonderful tutorial on painting furniture that I found to be very helpful.  Shari is so sweet friendly…she way beyond the call of duty to answer my questions and research products for me, and she encouraged me along the way.  I did have some problems with the paint, so I really needed that encouragement!  I also got some great information from Cindy at www.myromantichome.blogspot.com .  She has another great paint tutorial on her website, so if you’re thinking about painting any furniture, they will be there to help you!

I think that at first, painting a piece of furniture can go against all reason, but what I found to be so great about it is that it unified my hodge podge pieces into a cohesive cottage style look, which I have always admired, but was always afraid to try for myself.  Once you dive into that paint can, all fear is gone…go ahead…you can do it!

Thank you so much for visiting me today, and taking a peek inside my home.  I hope to participate in this event again and again…I gain a great deal of joy from finding wonderful things to add charm and character to my home, always with the desire to make it inviting and comfortable…and always have it ready to serve guests a cup of tea and a scone…cottage style does that for me, but it can be done with any style in mind, with an imagination and a can of paint!

Please continue to pray for Amy, Rachel, Wanda’s mom, and the others that you know  in blogland that need our prayers.  And please continue to pray for our troops, the troops from other countries, and our own United States of America.

God bless everyone!  May Monday be the beginning of a wonderful week for you!




  1. Mary, your furniture looks wonderful painted white and I adore your room too!

  2. HI Mary! Your hutch turned out beautifully!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  3. I'm LOVIN' it Mary! MY STYLE!


  4. Dear One,
    This turned out so very attractive!
    Really nice.
    Your dishes look beautiful on this.

  5. Mary, your hutch turned out beautifully! I love the rose dishes on it....very elegant!

  6. Oh Mary...the hutch is beautiful and it looks so similiar to mine! I showed it to my husband and he thought it was exactly the same and had to go look at ours! Your dishes look so beautiful on the shelves! Now I know what you meant by having one so similiar! Great job!~Hugs, Patti

  7. Mary, you did an awesome job on this hutch. I'm still in awe that you did all that prep work but in the end, I'd say it was all worth it. It's just beautiful and perfect for your lovely home. You never mentioned you only paid $75 for it! GREAT deal!!! :)

  8. Oh What a perfect hutch. I love it. It looks beautiful and your dishes are so pretty they way you have them displayed. You did a beautiful job of painting and restoring the hardware. It really is a find and stunning. Hugs, Marty

  9. Good evening Mary, Your hutch is absolutely beautiful! I love all the pretty teacups and saucers you have displayed. You did a wonderful job. I hope you have a lovely week. What a deal you got on your hutch. I will pray for all of those mentioned here on your post.

  10. wow my kinda makeover! love it, it's gorgeous and exactly what I'd like

    enjoy met monday


  11. What a fantastic job. I am like you I am afraid to do white, but yours is absolutely beautiful. I have a desk, bookcase I would love to do white. Maybe I will get the urge and go on and do it.

  12. Congratulations. I'm sure you ate a lot of dust getting it done.

  13. What a gorgeous hutch! It looks so pretty all decked out in your gorgeous dishes. I love the whole thing and what a great transformation! Cindy

  14. I have a hutch almost identical to yours I bought at a yard sale for $15.00. It is sitting in my son's garage just waiting for a coat of paint. I might get to it sooner than later after seeing how beautiful yours turned out.

  15. Wow - I gave away a similar piece of furniture to my painters and now I wish I had put in the elbow grease and painted it! Great job, looks wonderful with your decor.

  16. Beautiful job! I love your whole room!

    ~ Pam

  17. Mary,

    You did a beautiful job! It turned out awesome!


  18. What a great redo. It came out really good.
    Its So Very Cheri

  19. Wow....what a project!

    You did a very nice job.

    TTFN~~ Claudia ♥ ♥

  20. I am so delighted that you visited BCH!
    I came right over! Love your blog. Your painted pieces look very nice.
    I can't wait to read more.

    P.S. We lived in Oakley for 4 years - worked in SF & Walnut Creek. Have relatives in Concord. It was a great experience. Come back soon. Rhonda

  21. Ooohhh, it looks abosolutely beautiful! I love the pieces you have displayed on the hutch. Everything looks so pretty. You did a great job!

    Congratulations on your finds.


  22. Mary, this is absolutely wonderful. Your hutch is so pretty and so charming.

    Can't wait to see you at the Rooster Party!

    Barb :-)

  23. Mary it looks beautiful. You guys did such an awesome job. Your tea sets look stunning up againt the hutch. I love it. Have a lovely Monday!

    ♥Ana~A Petite Cottage

  24. Mary...such a great job! It looks beautiful!

  25. Wow, what a transformation! It looks fantastic painted white, and you did a wonderful job with accessorizing.

    BTW, I love your home; you have great style!


  26. I am so impressed --- my jaw dropped at seeing the after. And with your china it is perfect! Wow I love it!

  27. Hi Mary,
    Me again. Just wanted to let you know that I got your comment. Thank you for letting me know about my invisible comments:-) I was messing with my blog's font and background colors and must have picked a very light color for the comment's font by mistake. It's all fixed now. Thanks!

    ♥Ana~A Petite Cottage

  28. Mary, Thanks for stopping by my blog, I am new to the blogger world. I enjoy reading blogs so much I thought I would start my own. Love your blog and the look of your home!!

  29. What a steal on that hutch. Love it.

  30. That turned out great! I did a hutch re-do and it was painstaking!! You did a great job!

  31. It's really very pretty! All your hard work paid off and it must be very rewarding to enjoy the fruits of your labor!
    All the best,

  32. Mary-This is great. I know how much work and time a project like this takes but I am sure you will enjoy this for years to come. Thank you for your beautiful post about journaling as well. Even with my one year old I need to find time for that. Thanks for the inspiration:)

  33. You did a beautiful job! I find the whole painting process relaxing. I appreciate the work you did and it looks gorgeous with all the tea sets.

  34. Ohmygosh Mary! What a huge endeavor! Great job! It looks so beautiful with all your 'pretties' displayed!
    Thanks for visiting my blog...I just cruised thru your whole blog~it's just beautiful and we have lots in common! Wish we lived closer..I'd have you over for tea! ;-)

  35. So pretty I love it & am partial to tea cups & saucers thanks for sharing.

    Be blessed,


  36. You did a good job on the china cupboard. Mine is a lovely wood, but I've been tempted to paint it cream to match my new dining room suite. Seeing this is tempting me again.

  37. Hi Mary! Looks great --especially in your charming home! Love the

    Stop by!

    love, kelee