Monday, August 17, 2009

~Tuesday is for Teacups and Prayer~

It’s Teacup Tuesday,  thanks to our lovely hostess Kim, at http://shabbypinkandpretty.blogspot.com/.  Just click on the teacup on my sidebar and you’ll be instantly escorted to her beautiful blog where you will find some beautiful teacups!  I promise to show you my teacup, but  first…
If you notice the picture to the right, you’ll see that it says Prayer Warriors.  That is what we are when we pray, because we are fighting a battle against illness and disease, and prayer is our weapon.  It isn’t loud or angry, like on a battlefield…it is quiet and humble, urgent and sincere.  A request for prayer has been sent by Sherry at www.countrywingsinphoenix.blogspot.com for her sweet niece, Amy, who is in critical condition,  fighting for her life in ICU.  She is barely holding on, but she’s not giving up.  Her mom, Debbie, is struggling to see her child suffering this much…it’s a heart wrenching situation for them... please pray for sweet Amy, and click on the angel to visit Sherry to let her know you are praying…she needs to know we are there for her and her family.
Amy, these roses are for you. 


 I know if it were my loved one, or your loved one, we would ask everyone we could to pray , so we can do no less for them.

Here is a darling mini tea set that I bought at an antique store a few years ago.  I paid $30, and thought I got a good deal…until I saw the same set go on ebay  for $15!   I’m not disappointed, though…I’ve enjoyed it $30 worth!

Miniature pink rose tea set  

I love the pink roses and the scalloped edges.



Doesn’t she look like she’s wearing a pretty dress?

mini rose teapot

I want to share another book I received from my sweet sister for my birthday, “You’re Just My Cup of Tea”.   It reminds me of  a few years ago when my son was in high school.  I was in a group of five moms that got together weekly to pray for our kids.  We always had tea…scones, jam, clotted cream, sandwiches…the works, on a small scale.  We talked about our kids’ needs, ate, sipped our choice of tea from our own individual teapot, and then we prayed. That was twenty years ago.  Today, I still invite friends over for tea…we eat and we sip tea from our china teacups, and sometimes we pray…other times, we talk…and we laugh alot!  Even in the midst of trouble, God has given us the gift of humor, and perspective…sometimes things just aren’t as bad as we think.  Talking about it over tea really, really helps.  There is something very soothing about tea.

I happen to have a stressful life, so I drink about 3 pots a day!

teacup book 2 

To all my blogging friends…I really appreciate each and every comment…sometimes I can’t believe how many people are actually interested in my home or my teacups.  I’m amazed that there are actually people following me!   I have to tell you, dear friends, I don’t know where I’m going, but I love the company!  There are so many wonderful bloggers out there, with so much to offer, that I so want to make visiting here a good experience for you.  I would love to invite each and every one of you to my tea cottage…there’s nothing I like more than company, especially over tea.   I love cottage style, and I love tea, and I invite you to join me,  anytime, day or night.  I always seem to be here at this computer, but I wouldn’t mind at all getting up and putting the kettle on!


Thank you so much for the visit today…I hope it wasn’t too long for you…I’m not always this gabby!  Well, there may be some that would disagree with that.  Sometimes, though, when there’s something to say, you just have to say it, or the opportunity slips away. 

God bless each and every one.  I hope all your projects,  your hopes and your dreams are all that you desire them to be.   



  1. Mary...Loved seeing your sweet book my friend. Thank you for sharing!

    Thank you also for bringing light to Amy and her illness and the suffering of her parents. Bless all of you who are praying.

    Sweet Bloggie you have. Love it!


  2. Very pretty post, very pretty little tea set.

    I am praying for Amy and her family. ~ Eileen

  3. What a very beautiful tea set. It is so delicate and lovely. And I agree with you Mary. I also appreciate all that visit my little blog. I too very much enjoy the company and meeting so many wonderful people from all over the world. Enjoy you tea :-)

  4. Hi Mary! What a lovely little te set! Thanks for popping in to see me this mornign.
    Be a sweetie,
    shelia ;)

  5. What a beautiful little tea set and the book looks fun. I love my tea books!

  6. Hi Mary,

    I hope your day is going well. I'm done working for the day, so now it's time to relax and check out all the pretty tea things on show for today. That little rose patterned tea set is just darling and I love that sweet book. What a wonderful and thoughtful gift to have received. I really like tea books myself and I have several. I think I might have to do a post one of these days soon to share my collection. I bet we each have several of the same ones.

  7. TY for posting about Amy. Sherry & I spoke a bit ago ... then I called Debbie & Amy is still having serious issues today. We appreciate all the prayers lifted for Amy.

    Very sweet blog, I'll follow you. Have not seen that book before. TTFN ~Marydon

  8. I love your tea set! So pretty and soooo feminine.

    Prayers sent for Amy and her family. Thank you for sharing with us about what they are having to experience. Life seems so unfair at times..especially for the youth.


  9. What a sweet lil tea set..love it! That book looks like it is really wonderful.
    Yes this blogland has been so wonderful for meeting such sweet folks and sharing so many things together.

  10. Mary....That was a wonderful post! I love the tea set...it is beautiful!~Hugs,Patti

  11. I always enjoy your Tuesday Tea Cups. That is a beautiful little tea set!

    So sweet of you to continue posting about Amy and Debbie. I'm praying.


  12. Lovely quote, Mary. Thank you.
    I never thought of posting my miniature tea set. Maybe one of my future posts.

  13. I said a prayer for Amy as I read this post. Your little tea set is lovely. Hope you'll come visit me again sometime!