Tuesday, August 18, 2009

~White Wednesday at Home~

Welcome to  White Wednesday, brought to you by our lovely hostess Kathleen at www.fadedcharmcottage.blogspot.com.  Kathleen loves white, as you will see when you visit her blog, and you will find a list of other participants that enjoy the “color” white… so versatile, fresh, and loves to reflect the light of sunshine in the summer, which is my favorite season. 

I know that for some of you, summer is incredibly hot and humid, so you’re ready for fall, but I am so blessed to live in sunny California, where summers are mild, yet warm enough for swimming, shorts, tank tops, and sandals… some of my favorite clothes!  I love to take walks in the warmth of a summer evening, when all the neighbors are out chatting, or walking their dogs…the smell of a barbeque…oh, yes, give me summer any day!  

Another thing I love about summer?  That’s the season that my house looks it’s prettiest.  Most of our plants are in full sun, so we have a lot of roses…I LOVE roses!  But if you know roses, you know they are summer bloomers…well, here, they begin to bloom in late April or May, and continue blooming throughout September, unless we get an early fall. So for this White Wednesday, I want to show you a little of the outside of my home.  It is painted white, but I will have to show you some color in order to show  you the white house, so I hope you don’t mind my throwing a little pink in here and there.

Walking up to my tea cottage!  When having a tea, I hang my “Mary’s Tea Cottage” sign on the left of the door.  I didn’t have it there when taking this picture, but you can see it on my sidebar.  I’m thinking of making another one, though, with a little more pizzazz. 

front walk way

front of house 2


You’re almost here!

front of house close


  Two little birds I found at a craft store last year.  Quite often, I will see a real bird  flying close by, trying to visit with them!

 birds on railing

  Geraniums peeking over the railing, saying hello to the double delight rose bush.

front porch 2

My husband built these railings several years ago, before he lost his eyesight.  He always liked working on cars, preferably race cars – LOL! – and never liked working with wood, but when I said I would love to have a railing on the porch, he wasted no time building it for me.  I’m very proud of him.


front porch view

Our house was built in 1951.  We’ve lived here for 35 years.  We’ve grown old together.

geraniums on porch 3

A little girl and a little boy, holding an umbrella, while reading a book, with kitty looking on.

boy and girl statue


I should know the name of this plant, but I don’t remember.  I am trying to create an English garden, and this one was listed in that category.  Is it phlox, or maybe stock…do  you gardeners know?

flowers in front yard


I absolutely love a flower garden, and have several magazines and books about how to garden, but it’s still a challenge for me to remember it all, like which plant needs which soil ... but you will find me haunting the local nurseries every spring, buying up more colorful plants, some perennials and some annuals.  I usually have lots of pots filled with flowers on the deck, but my hubby is always running into them, so I had to cut back a bit.  So far, he hasn’t complained too much about the geraniums on the front porch…knock wood!

Just to prove that I’m not a gardener, do you see those pretty pink flowers behind the white ones…you know, that you can barely see?  I planted the taller ones in front of the shorter ones.  It’s not my fault…they were all the same size when I bought them in those 4” containers!   I wonder if I can dig them up and replant them…hmmm…gardeners?

flowers in front yard 2


This is actually a picture of the double delight next to the railing, which has a very light creamy center, bordered by a soft pink.  I think the sun shining on it just reflected into the camera, making it look more white than it is, so I snuck it in as a “white'” picture!  

frose in front

This is a white wrought iron stake that I bought new…there’s another one on the other side of the walkway.  A couple of old, rusty, vintage stakes would have been  my preference, but I couldn’t find any. I’m still looking and when  I do,  these will go in the back yard…I already have a spot for them.

gate in front yard 

  I have to brag about my photo editing…I just learned how to add text to my pictures!  I always wonder how other bloggers do such amazing things with their photos…well, I haven’t conquered it all yet, but this is one feather in my cap!

I hope you enjoyed your visit, and will come back next week.  I’ll take you   to see a few more white goodies  that I enjoy out in the back yard and deck.  Don’t forget to visit Kathleen and the other white lovers…I’m heading over there right now.

Please don’t forget to pray for sweet Amy, doing better, but still critical, and her family.  They need our prayers.  And please don’t forget to pray for our military and their families.  So many young men and woman  are in the desert heat that would make us think we’re having a cold spell.  Please pray with me for their safety while serving, and a quick and safe return home to this wonderful country of ours.  Also the men and women from other countries that are fighting along side our troops…they also want to go home soon…pray for them.  Keep our leaders in your prayers, that they will seek wise counsel and make sound decisions for our nation. 

God bless you all.  Have a wonderful Wednesday!



  1. wonderfull mary cottage with beautiful flowers
    that inspired to be there .........


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  2. Mary your home is so lovely! It is definitely a cottage in the true sense! All the roses look so beautiful out by your front porch. No wonder you have lived there 35 years! Who would want to leave? Your flowers must be Phlox and I also see Sweet Allysum in there too. It reseeds itself and is a great spreader in a garden. Can't wait to see the rest of your house next week!~Hugs, Patti

  3. What a beautiful cottage you have.
    Have a nice day

  4. Mary. loved your tour of your home and gardens! A California cottage in the true sense~I am so jealous! Thankx for visiting mine too :)

  5. Good morning Mary! Your home just oozes charm and personality. It is "cute as a button," as they say. You claim not to be a gardener but by golly, you've got quite a beautiful English garden, if I ever saw one! I wish my yard looked 1/10 that lovely.

    I'm with you...I love summmer (and summer clothes and flip flops), even if it is hotter than blue blazes here in FL.

    Enjoy your "White Wednesday." :)

  6. Hi Mary,
    You have such a pretty, charming home and garden! Thank you for the tour. I also love the little mini teaset below! Yes, we're all so happy that Amy is doing better! Thanks for sharing and have a lovely Wednesday.


  7. Dear Mary~~Oh I just LOVE your CA cottage..it is just so pretty, just how I pictured your home!
    Yes I also see why you have lived there for 35 years, too! Oh and your flowers are just so lovely, too...I can almost smell the geraniums!
    Your hubby did a GREAT job with the railings:)
    Have a whimsically wonderful Wednesday!


    ~Let FREEDOM Ring!~

  8. Oh, your cottage is just absolutely wonderful. I love all of your beautiful flowers, everything is so pretty and inviting. Hugs, Marty

  9. Good morning Mary,
    What a beautiful cottage you have. You did such an awesome job with your garden. Everthing looks so inviting. Your porch area is my favorite...your Hubby did a great job on the railing. Thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful White Wednesday.

    ♥Ana~A Petite Cottage

  10. Mary what a lovely home you have. I love the pink geraniums up against the white cottage. It's a wonderful cottage, I would love to own one myself :0) I think white is a very healing, calming color also. Angels seem to appear in the form of white, so you got my vote on beauty. I love your prayer warrior picture for Amy it's wonderful. I love standing in formation with the Lord. Have a blessed day.


  11. Hello Mary, your tea cottage is breathtaking... I would say you and your lovely home have not grown "old" together but have grown "beautiful" together... your flowers are all so pretty...

  12. Beautiful curb appeal! I love it!
    Your flowers are fabulous, but what I love most is the railing your husband built for you. It made my heart smile. God Bless!
    All the best,

  13. Hi Mary
    I am so glad you left a comment so I could come for a visit! Your home is charming and your garden is beautiful. I love the roses. I am a tea drinker too. Maybe we can have a cup of tea sometime. I'll watch for the sign on your front door.
    ((hugs)) Rhondi

  14. Your white cottage is just charming! And your roses are beautiful!

  15. Hi Mary,
    OOH, your home is just darn cute!!, love everything about it, the colorful flowers, the brick, the crisp green lawn, the design of the walkway and the figurines scattered about, so inviting and cherry. The railing your hubby made really defines the porch area, kuddos to him! I'm coming over for tea, save me a cup, hahaha!!
    Sweets to you, Janice

  16. Dear Mary, Your home is just lovely. Your flowers are so beautiful and I love your little ornaments like the birds. Your porch rail is so pretty. what a husband! Summer is a wonderful season isn't it? I will say prayers for Amy, our troops, their famlies, and our leaders. I hope you are having a great week.

  17. Hi Mary,
    Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a comment. It is so nice to meet you! I love your home. It is just gorgeous. All your flowers and special touches are just beautiful. And you railing is so nice. I have a handy hubby too and he can make anything that I think I need. LOL
    Please stop by anytime.

  18. Your home is so beautiful and the flowers are gorgeous.


  19. Love your cozy front porch! Blesings... Polly

  20. Hi Mary, The front of your home is so pretty. This is the kind of home I would have to stare at for awhile... It is so welcoming!! The pink roses are just beautiful against your white. I also like the windows-

    This was a treat! Thanks