Saturday, August 1, 2009

~Spiritual Sunday~


A meeting was held quite far from earth,

"It's time again for another birth,"

Said the angels to the Lord above,

"This special child will need much love.

His progress may seem veery slow,

Accomplishments he may not show,

And he'll require extra care

From the folks he meets way down there.

He may not run or laugh or play;

His thoughts may seem quite far away.

In many ways he won't adapt,

And he'll be known as handicapped.

So let's be careful whre he's sent,

We want his life to be content.

Please, Lord, find a family who

Will do a special job for you.

They will not realize right away

The leading role they're asked to play.

But with this child sent from above

Comes stronger faith and richer love.

And soon they'll know the privilege given

In caring for this gift from Heaven.

Their precious charge, so meek and mild

Is Heaven's very special child

I would like you to meet my very special child through a scrapbook that my sweet Daughter-in-love made for me for Mother's Day a few years ago.

At 1 1/2 yrs.

At 3 yrs. just learning how to walk

At 4 yrs.

At 10 yrs.

At 13 yrs.

At 22 yrs.

Thank you, Lord, for giving us Your very special child!

I know there are many parents of special needs children. I hope you know just how lucky you are!

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God bless you all!



  1. That is so sweet. It certainly takes special people to care for special needs people. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  2. Hi Mary!
    I thank you for your prayers and kind words in a time of need. I am still in prayer as I wait for word, any word as to what is going one. I am so nervous and stressed. I just keep waiting. Thank you for helping me carry the burden. As soon as I hear anything I will post a message. Love, Sherry

  3. Good morning Mary. I enjoyed the poem so much. Your special album for a special girl is beautiful. Thank you for sharing it with us.

    blessings, Jeanne

  4. How fortunate your daughter is that God gave her a mom like you. Your have a super daughter-in-law to make you a book like that! Thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful Sunday.

  5. Mary....Thank you for sharing your daughter and don't you have a wonderful thoughtful DIL to make that for you! That must have been a very special Mother's Day present for you!
    ~Hugs, Patti

  6. Mary,
    This is sooo beautiful. Thank you for sharing. What a sweet gift from your daughter-in-law. You have a beautiful family.
    Blessings, Mary

  7. Such a sweet~~sweet gift your daughter in law made for you! What a blessing for your daughter to have you as a mom! Your poem today was so good, I enjoyed reading it.

  8. Thank you for sharing this with us. Beautiful! Isn't it wonderful how God knows exactly which family which child should go to!! God bless you and your family. Carol

  9. So precious...God bless. Happy Sunday!

  10. Hi Mary, this is so precious and sweet. The album is just lovely and the little one is beautiful!

    Thanks for making me laugh today....knowing I am not alone in my silliness.

    It is so nice to meet you. Your blog is just lovely!

    Blessings this day,

  11. What a beautiful post and what a beautiful family!

  12. Thank you Mary, for sharing your scrapbook. God has blessed you with a special daughter, and a very special daughter in love :-)

  13. Mary, What a beautiful post, and what a beautiful daughter! This so touched my heart.
    Thank you for sharing.

  14. What a beautiful post. You have a beautiful family. Many Blessings,

  15. I certainly know what a blessing my son is to me. What a special gift I have been given. He makes my life complete.
    Thanks for sharing one of my favorite poems.
    Hugs, June

  16. You must be a very special family to have been Gifted a very special girl.
    And an added Blessing is that your daughter-in-law feels that way too.
    All God's Blessings on a very beautiful family!

  17. Beautiful and brings tears of happiness to my heart.


  18. Mary, thank you for sharing this with us. I truly believe God knows just the perfect parents for his very special children.

  19. What a special book your DIL made for you, a real treasure! I've never read that poem, it is wonderful! God truly blessed you!


  20. Precious post and lovely book. My husband and I have a special child perfect in heaven now. Her name is Annetta....we didn't get to share earthly time with her, but she is waiting for us....we love her dearly!

  21. This very same poem was sent to me on the birth of my special needs child...read about His amazing story at my Watering Wells of Hope blog...God is so gracious to us.

    Seems we have a lot in common...


  22. Dear Mary~~
    Thanks so much for letting me know that you just posted about your daughter.
    I hope this makes sense, since my eyes are brimming with tears as I write this.
    I love this poem and will keep it to read during those really tough moments, hours, days..
    Special needs children are not all necessarily born that way, too. People need to keep in mind that at any given moment anyone can become 'special' through circumstances beyond their control.
    Maybe if that message was sent along with all the stigma, the world would stop and pause..there is no guarantee and we all do matter.

    Thanks so much for sharing the most tender part of your heart~~

    ~Let FREEDOM Ring!~