Monday, August 24, 2009

~Teacups, Teacups, Teacups~

It’s time once again for Teacup Tuesday, brought to you by our lovely hostess, Kim, at www.shabbypinkandpretty.blogspot.com  Just click on the teacup to the right to visit Kim’s wonderful blog and the other participants that are bringing you their beautiful teacups or other tea related treasures!

I went to tea  last Saturday with the ladies from my tea club. We are in our fifth year since forming our club, which we named The Rose Petal Tea Society, and we address each other as “Rose Petal Mary, or Bev, or whatever our name is.  Each month, the hostess chooses the color or theme for the tea.  In June, our tea was at my home, and I decided on a Shabby Chic theme…I posted pictures of it in July.  This month, our colors were black and white, in case you couldn’t tell.  We went to Niles Canyon, about an hour’s drive from my house, to have tea at “Thyme For Tea”, and they have a very large gift shop as well as delicious food. They also carry their own house blend by the same name that is sooooo good!   I took my camera and got some great pictures of many beautiful teacups for you to see.  We were in teacup heaven!

This little green sweetie was my favorite, along with it’s matching teapot and cake stand.  It is made by Ashdene, in Australia.  I can’t remember the name, but the word “mint” was in it.  And look at the pretty green one next to it…I do love green!

my favorite teacup 

and matching pot

Aren’t these lovely?  Puppy seems to be quite content sitting in the middle of these beauties!

assorted teacups

Pretty yellow bumblebee teacups and teapot.  Notice that the body resembles a beehive…so adorable!  I especially like this set because I use honey in my tea…a LOT of honey!  There were 3 of us at our table that use honey, so we told our server to keep her little dishes and bring a creamer full of honey…one for each of us!

bee teapot

bee teacup

This is a two tiered plate stand with the pretty birds singing to us!  I thought it was just a garland sitting on top, but it’s actually attached and part of the stand.  Too cute!  The teacup sitting there is adorable as well.

birds on stand 3

Oh, be still my heart…aren’t these gorgeous?

blue and white 


close up of blues 2

As you enter the tea parlor, this beautiful china hutch greeted us with beautiful teacups!

china hutch full of cups 

Oh, how elegant these are!  Another beautiful shade of green!

 gorgeous green teacups 2 

Being silly…this little hat is adorned with cherries…it goes so well with her  outfit…I think she should buy it, don’t you?

having a little fun 

No, she should buy it!  Sue, it’s you!


having more fun 

I think I’m going back for this one!

precious teacup

Isn’t this gorgeous?  What a beautiful shade of pink!  Why don’t I buy these, too?

pink and white tea set 

One of the girls bought this one…so pretty!

a beauty teacup

For anyone that loves pretty note cards, this is the place to come!

 gift cards

I do wish I had a tablet and pen to write down the names of all of these beautiful teacups, but my hands were full…camera, purse, shopping bags…you know how it is.

I think these are exquisite…the shape of the teacups and teapot, with their pretty scalloped edges, the butterflies and dragonflies…my granddaughter would love this set, but it was quite expensive, at least for a 10 yr. old!

butterfly teacups

Rose Petals caught shopping.  We had one lone Rose Petal that forgot to wear her black and white, but she’s pretty in pink, anyway!

rose petals 2 

Having a little laugh!  These two are sisters that I have known since the summer before starting high school. 

fun at tea

Soooooo  much to see!

gift shop in Niles 2

Singing Happy Birthday to Margaret, only 70 yrs. young!

Margaret is 70

I hope you enjoyed this little tour and meeting a few of my Rose Petal friends.  We have such a good time at tea …I recommend a tea club to all of you. If you don’t know of one, start your own, like we did. 

Of course, this is just a small sample of all the teacups, teapots, linens, china and accessories that we saw.  I will show you a few more in coming weeks, so if you enjoyed these, be sure to come back for another visit.  I always have the tea kettle on, scones in the oven,pretty china teacups on the table…you are always welcome at my cottage!

Please, before you go, remember to pray for sweet Amy Dawn and all others that you know in blogland that need our prayers.  Pray for our courageous troops that are far from home and missing their families…they need a blanket of prayer to cover them.  Pray for our country, that our leaders will listen to wise counsel and make wise decisions for our nation.  and that it will always remain one nation under God.

Now, click on over to Kim’s to see even more beautiful teacups!


  1. Mary...I wish I lived close to you so I could be a member of your club too! What lovely teacups....The first one in green on the right jumped at me first...love that one! You know I am partial to green too! The honeycomb pattern with the bees on the side are very attractive too. I am still waiting for your package and I will give you an email when it arrives.~Hugs, Patti

  2. Hi Mary,
    Oh it looks like just so much fun. Love your Rose Petals! The tea room looks lovely. Glad you had fun and were able to share!

  3. Oh Mary, what a beautiful tea room. And the tea cups and pots are so very lovely. What a fun time.

  4. Thanks for visiting me at Delights of the Heart. I loved seeing all the beautiful teacups and reading about your Rose Petal Tea group.

  5. Wonderful post!! Lovely ladies! And just look at all those teacups! Fabulous!

  6. Oh my goodness tea heaven!!
    What a lovely group..the ladies of course! ;-)
    My favs of the tea items were the blue and white and the Bee Hive ones..would love to have that set for sure!!
    Sure wish there was one of those shops around here!!!
    Thanks for sharing!

  7. Mary, being able to join your lovely tea club group for this outing was so much fun. I only wish I wasn't across the country so I could really join. Such a gorgeous assortment of teacups but I do believe my fav is the first one too! Oooh but I do like the one your friend bought...and the blue & white ones are pretty...

    I've been meaning to tell you that when I first saw the photos of your home, I thought the armoire was for the TV. Little did I know it was where you kept your collection of teacups, pots etc.!! I'd rather have an armoire filled with pretty teacups over electronic equipment any day! :)

  8. Dear Mary,
    The Tea Club is surely very special to each Lady attending. So glad you shared.

    This was such fun to see pictures of your gathering and all the beautiful tea cups/saucers. Absolutely beautiful and delightful.

    The china is all so pretty, but I'm partial to the blue and white then the soft green.

    You all look as if you had a wonderful time.

  9. Mary,

    Oh I wish I lived near you too, so I could join your club. Love all of these beautiful teacups.
    Such a nice place to have a tea party, with all this beautiful eye candy around. Thanks for sharing this greatr post!


  10. I have never seen so many gorgeous teacups and teapots in one place! It was really hard to choose which one I like the best because they all were so beautiful. Everyone in the club looked like they were having such a good time. Thanks for taking us along. Amy

  11. Wow, what gorgeous teacups! I especially like the ones with roses.

    Love the hat!


  12. Mary, what a beautiful tea room! I love looking at all those teacups and tea pots! Sounds like you gals know how to have a good time! Thanks for sharing.


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  14. OMGosh Mary.. I think I've died and gone to teacup heaven. That tea room is too die for and seeing all that gorgeous china has left me drooling in envy. What a fun place for you and your tea club ladies to visit. I wish they had a tea room like that here where I live. If they did, I can almost guarantee I would be there nearly every day. I've discovered a few small tea rooms near where I live, but they are nothing compared to what you've shown today. I think I'm going to have to save my money and take a trip to come visit you someday so you can take me to all these wonderful places.

    BTW.. Love the china hutch you showed in your previous post. What a fantastically shabby chic makeover you've done with it.

  15. Oh...I love those kinds of days. It looks like so much fun and I can just imagine the giggling and talking that went on! Thanks for the show and tell of the beautiful tea things. Wish I could reach out and get some!!

  16. Hi Mary!
    I enjoyed going to Tea with you..do you go out each time or do you got to members' homes?
    I love the blue and white too..but I wouldn't mind any of them..
    I bought a pretty teapot last September in Villeroy and Boch. We have a little store here in Southampton, and they have a basement with clearance..
    I should have a tea party!
    Thanks for visiting my blog..I am bookmarking yours so I can come visit again..
    Southampton, NY

  17. Mary, Your rose pedal friends sound lovely and sooo much fun! That little store is just amazing. I wish we had something like that in our area. I could spend hours there. I just love all of the teacups. It would be hard to decide which ones to buy.

  18. Hello Mary; oh what fun every one was having.. and that tea shop,, I could go crazy in there,,lol I am in love with any thing Tea related,, oh to be able to buy one or two of every thing... lol thanks for sharing your tea,, it was fun...


  19. I think I had almost as much fun as you did, just looking at the photos. Thanks so much for the smiles.

  20. What a beautiful place! Beautiful china, etc. Beautiful ladies too! I would enjoy taking tea here!

    I'm so far behind with reading fav blogs. These blog parties, and replying takes up all my computer time!!

    I enjoyed seeing all this! I was in a tea club a few years ago, it lasted about five years.