Tuesday, October 20, 2009

White Wednesday and WOW!

Happy White Wednesday, brought to us by the queen of white, Kathleen! Just click on the vintage lady to the right to visit her and other white loving participants for more beautiful whites.

I have some pretty pictures for you at the bottom of the page...but first:

Many of you know Queenmothermamaw. She has a wonderful blog, and I always enjoy visiting her for her humor and her wisdom. She has three blogs, but due to time, I have only visited one...until tonight. I discovered another beautiful side of Queen, aka Peggy, and that is her love of people and of our country. She has dedicated one of her blogs to people that also care about people and our country. It is Woman of Wisdom, and you can find it by clicking on the WOW pin on my sidebar. I have an award and tag free blog, because I just don't have a lot of time...my life is very busy and stressful, but when I received a comment on my post about this award being offered to me, I had to accept it. Thank you, Peggy, for thinking of me. There are so many others that are deserving of recognition for the courage they have, for the love that they give, and for the heart that beats for the needs of others. I hope they will all visit this wonderful blog and let Peggy know how much they appreciate her...this is her ministry, and she is truly a woman of wisdom, and a blessing to us all.

I love White Wednesday...I love all things white! Unfortunately, my son took my computer with him to get it up to "speed", literally, so I'm using my laptop and can't download my pictures, but I found some darling rooms for you to oogle. I hope you find some inspiration in them!

May God bless you all!



  1. Dear Mary, thank you for sharing this with us...I was reading some of the stories on the people on your sidebar...so much suffering!! Makes me realise how fortunate I am. May the Lord be with them all, and you too :o)
    Big hugs

  2. Thank you for visiting my blog - it's really wunderful to meet people all over the world! Warm regards from cold Austria, Traude

  3. You do indeed have a lovely "home" to visit. So glad Queenmothermama directed me here!!! Have a grand day! Cathy

  4. Hi Mary,
    It's always so nice to hear from you and thank you for your visit. I love the living/dining room photo! Have a wonderful day.


  5. Mary,

    I LOVE the look of a fresh white room. LOVE it..but I have never had one (or much of anything white) as I am afriad of dirt. But this may have inspired me to go "white" somewhere, haha...I am excited to check out the blogs you spoke of. Blogland is sooo FULL of interesting, creative, loving people, that truly there is barely enough time to enjoy it all. BUT! I must take a peek at the ones you suggested...Have a great day, Blessings, Debbie

  6. Hi dear Mary,
    I will definitely have to check out Peggy's blog.
    I love all the love that you spread here. I also love your beautiful images of amazing white rooms today.
    Hugs to you,

  7. Mary, these pictures are lovely....how serene and calming the rooms are.

    Hope you are having a blessed day.

    Barb ♥

  8. Beautiful...so fresh and clean!
    Blessings, andrea

  9. Dear Mary,
    Lovely white photos...so calming and beautiful.

    You definitely are so worthy of this brillant honor from Peggy. Your friendship and support has been immeasurable and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
    Peggy's blog is so wonderful,uplifting and makes your heart sing!

    Thank you again Sweet Friend...for being You!


    ~Let Freedom Ring!~

  10. Thanks for sharing. I went to her blog. It is fantastic. I will go back later and visit the other ones.


  11. I just painted soft pink stripes on my ceiling in our bedroom. I like it, but love the your WW post.
    This is all new to me.
    Love Claudie

  12. Hi Mary....Beautiful white rooms! White always looks so clean to me!~Hugs, Patti

  13. I don't think a room would be pretty without white.

  14. Mary what beautiful whites you have shared with us today! I am just now working on my white post- totally forgot about it!!

  15. Hi Mary,
    Congratulations on your award. And thank you for sharing such beautiful and inspiring pictures. Love the cute little bunny on the far right picture. Hope you have a wonderful White Wednesday.


  16. Mary, I'm so glad you accepted this award you are deserving of it. I love the white it's beautiful, the pictures you posted are truly breath taking.I could spend all day lookings at such beautiful pictures online.

  17. Mary~~
    You did indeed find some great rooms. I'd love a white bedroom, but tell my dogs that!!

    Happy White Wednesday!! :-)


  18. Just beautiful!

    m ^..^

    (that pic on your sidebar of the soldier w/ the kitten is my screen saver!)

    m ^..^

  19. You did find some great ones. Hope you are back to full computer speed soon.
    And what a fun tea party with the girls.
    Yes, that is a pillow Rebecca made for her giveaway. Hope you went by to sign up.
    White Wednesday Evening Blessings ;-)

  20. Thanks for the gorgeous photos. Love all that white.

  21. Great photos, Mary. Love the white rooms! I'm going to have to check out Peggy and WOW. Thanks for the heads-up!


  22. Congratulations on the award, and I love the rooms. I can't imagine a white room! My white curtains show dust enough. Shhhhh, don't tell. So does my white ceiling fan in our room. Hmmmm.

  23. Those are gorgeous rooms...I'd love a completely white home, but with 4 kiddos still at home, I don't think that's such a great idea :o) Thanks for stopping by my place!

  24. Hello! Thank you for sharing these lovely white rooms! And for sharing your tea memories with me!

  25. Dearest Mary,
    stopping by your Tea Cottage today has been the right thing to do on a gloomy rainy Thursday. Love you white pics. I'd love to have my rooms decoratd that way. For the time being that can only be a day-dream. Hope to get very close to that in the future though.

  26. aren´t those rooms just divine? I love the white. can´t have white much of anything though with three very active boys running through my house. LOL.. I do have a cream comfortor though with navy blue. It´s about tan. no not really just getting there.

    So excited about the Christmas Crunch Challenge. just send me your email if you want to participate.

    It was great to meet you.

  27. Beautiful white photos! I enjoyed all this!