Thursday, October 15, 2009

~Let Freedom Ring~

I hope everyone’s Thursday is going great, and that you are either taking it easy today, or being very productive, whichever suits you…some days are better than others for  either of these “activities”, so do what your body is asking from you.

I’m not posting anything of my own today, but I would love for anyone that is visiting to go over to Lynn’s blog at


and read what she has to say.  I know there are many people that would not agree with Lynn or with me, but I have to say this…our government is going off the deep end with this  so called “health care reform”.  Its a wolf in sheep’s clothing, and needs to be stopped before it passes…if it should pass, we will regret it for generations to come.  Please educate yourselves on this issue…it is NOT what this country needs.  There have been signs for several months, signs of corruption, lies, concealing facts…its unbelievable that we have a band of thieves running this country!  I keep wondering why Congress is continuing to push this phony bill through, and I’ve determined there can be only one reason…enough of us are not crying out “NO, NO, NO, YOU CANNOT DO THIS TO US”. Where do they get the right to give money to corrupt businesses, to not pay their taxes, to cohort with Socialists and Marxists and Communists, and somehow retain the privilege of staying in office?  We have to stand up for morality, decency, honesty, purity, and get back to the roots that this country was founded on!  It doesn’t matter who you voted for, or what political party you prefer, this is about American FREEDOM.  Our Constitution , the instrument that insures we stay a free country, is being totally ignored. We need to get our heads out of the sand right now, and start speaking up. Take a few minutes, or maybe an hour, and read The Bill of Rights…then you will know what this country is supposed to look like…we are losing everything that America was built on…its being taken from us, and we’re letting it happen!

Okay, my blood pressure is up, so I’m going to get this published before I change my mind. 

God bless you all, God bless America, and God bless our troops…who still believe they are fighting for freedom…let’s not let them down!



  1. I agree with you! The amazing thing is ... no matter how many readers you have, only a few of us will actually comment. Sigh.

    Thanks for visiting me. :o)

    God bless America and keep us the Land of the Free.


  2. I agree with you Mary. We are all sitting back and allowing this to happen. It's so sad.

  3. Hi Mary,

    I believe we do need a health care plan, but not this one. For many years in the Reagan times we did not have insurance and I almost died because a hospital refused to take me. I have been listening to both sides and reading everything I can and this bill is not what we really want. In fact I think we need to do other things right now. This country is in too bad of shape. Our government needs to bring back good paying jobs with insurance. The only jobs I see being created around our area are less than $10.00 an hour and who can raise a family on that,even if both parents are working. The Government has spent too much time giving money away and trying to find a health care plan and neither of what they are doing is working. I say keep good paying jobs here and raise the pay of hard working americans and than we can afford our own insurance.

    This is my opionion and hope I did not offend anyone that reads my post.


  4. I couldn't agree more with you Mary. It is just sooo frustrating. It really is a sign of the times we are living in. We DO need to speak up and do all we can to stop this and have our country get back to what we were many years ago. But I am afraid that might take a miracle, so we'd better keep praying too. God Bless America, Amen....Debbie

  5. God Bless you, Mary.
    I will go over and read the other blog.
    You have spoken up about a very serious issue in our country and amongst the Health Business.

    There are doctors out there that don't want to be dictated to how much money they can make and where they set up a practice. If a doctor is a good businessman and handles his success to where he has something...the govt. may take this away from him. Kindof like everybody gets the same no matter what. I don't believe God wants the hard working people who handle their things with care to be rewarded by the govt. the same way as the sluggard.

    There are American people out there that don't want to wait for months on end to see a doctor.
    There are tax paying/law abiding citizens (though they love people) don't think that illegal aliens should be provided free health care when tax payers will not be able to see the doctor of their choice.

    I won't be surprised when the government taxes us for passing natural gas and starts telling us that we are allowed x number of dishes in the cabinet. Sounds unreal?

    Thank you for speaking up.
    God Bless you,

  6. I would be willing to bet that more people would agree than disagree. What are we to do? I have sent every letter I know to send, signed everything that has come my way and I am just no able to go walk and protest. It sounds to me like most of the country doesn't want this. I agree there needs to be some reform, but this is not it.

  7. Before going over to the other blog, I just want to say that I wholeheartedly agree with you! I too have been writing letters & emails, joining forces with all that I can, but our elected officials don't seem to be listening to anyone or care what their constituancy thinks about anything. They have nothing to lose & everything to gain, since they do not pay into or receive the same things as most Americans. The socialists are truly trying to take over our country & so far doing a good job of it. I keep praying for our country!

  8. Hi Mary,
    Hope your blood pressure has come back down!

    It won't work, socialism has never worked and never will. Very sad situation. On the up note though, people are trying to do things that have not been done for a very long time, like the tea parties.

    Let's not lose hope, there's another election not too far down the road!

  9. Mary I applaud you for standing up. Too many of us for too long have set back and kept quite. I know first hand what this is doing to our country.
    I know how hard it is on us retirees, who worked 10, 12, even 18 hrs a day to earn our retirement and insurance benefits who are now having them snatched away, because we "need to share with those who set on their behinds and wait for the government to give it too them.

  10. Amen and Amen!
    Thank you for your passion Mary! We need more people to stand up against this madness. I feel sometimes that we are like the analogy of the frog that has been put into the pot of lukewarm water. At first the pot feels so nice and warm and the frog is just swimming around enjoying the warmth - while the pot is ever so slowly becoming warmer and warmer as the temperature is raised. Soon the pot of water is boiling and it is too late for the frog - he is boiled to death without a struggle. I pray that isn't the way it will be for us!

    We in this country are so hungry for change due to economic strife that we are willing to accept anything that comes our way that SOUNDS good - not realizing that in the long run - it may be the worst thing FOR us!
    We MUST educate ourselves right now and not stand complacently by while someone decides our fate for us. We must stand up for what we believe in before it is too late to fight!
    Again - thank you for your passion -
    As you can see - I share your concern :)
    Blessings to you,

  11. Amen! That is all I need to say. I am exhausted by talking about this all the time. I just lost a fairly good (I thought) friend over these issues.