Saturday, October 10, 2009

Glory, Glory Hallelujah

Its Saturday already...seems like the week is flying by so quickly. Autumn has finally hit this part of California. Cooler weather is here, and rain is on the way. During this week, I've read some wonderful blogs, some inspirational and some that were fun. There are so many blogging parties where we can connect, I can't keep track of them all. I have to make choices, something that is often difficult for me to do, but I have found a few that I feel I must be part of, and this is one of them.

I am happy to be participating in Then Sings My Soul Saturday, or TSMSS for short, again with Amy at http://signsmiraclesandwonders.blogspot.com for Then Sings My Soul Saturday. I know you will enjoy visiting all the participants for inspiration music and words.

This is one of my favorite hymns. In the current climate of our world, it really speaks to me like never before. I remember standing beside my mother as she sang with a Salvation Army band on a street corner in Chicago. I can still see her in her blue uniform. We truly are in the Lord's Army, and His Truth will march on!

Please pray for our troops and their families. Pray that they are protected by an invisible blanket that covers them, by an invisible shield that reflects the bullets back to the sender, and by an invisible force, the Army of the Lord, that will fight along side each and every one of them. Pray for the families that have lost a loved one that bravely fought for freedom, both ours and that of oppressed nations that have suffered under harsh dictatorship. This country has always had the greatest compassion and concern for the needs of the people of this entire globe. We, the people of the United States of America, have always believed in fighting for the rights of each person, to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I am so very proud of this country's brave men and women that are willing to fight and die for freedom.

God bless them all, and God bless you, dear blogging friends. Please come back again for another cup of tea, sharing, prayer, and a moment of serenity.


**NOTE** Blogger is playing tricks again. Somehow, this post got published twice, so its showing today, Oct. 10th and also on Oct. 7th. I wrote it and saved it as a draft, but it didn't publish , or so I thought, so I guess I published it again. People have left comments on both posts...I have no idea what is going on, but if you've left a comment and don't see it, don't worry...I'm seeing it! Thanks!!!

**NOTE #2** These comments were left on the other post. I'm going to delete that one, since most are finding this post, but I don't want to delete the comments so am pasting them here:

chicamom85 said...
What a beautiful post and thank you. We have 2 very good friends who have daughters in Afghanistan, we pray every day.

God bless you Anne

October 10, 2009 12:14 AM
JesuLalaine said...
I had goosebumps while listening to the song and reading your post...

God's truth is marching on! Amen!

Lalaine's World
From Asia and Beyond
Day to Day Miracles
Trying to be Fit
Not a Shopaholic

October 10, 2009 12:38 AM
Fairy Footprints said...
Mary how lovely. This is a wonderful way to start out the weekend. Blessings to you and your family. What a lovely post.


October 10, 2009 12:47


  1. Mary, thank you for the love and compassion you have for our military and their families. I live at Fort Hood, Texas, the largest military installation in the free world. I have seen first hand the sacrifices our brave men and women and their families make to defend our freedom. Blessings to you!! Vicki

  2. I really love this song. Thanks for posting.

  3. A wonderful post. I love the Gaither group and especially this song. I remember being in my blue skirt, white blouse, and red sweater vest as a teen singing this with the Salvation Army. I also was in the taborine corps - such great memories. I really miss the Salvation Army, wish we had one nearer to us. I am Catholic but I grew up in God's Army, just loved it. Thanks so much for sharing this.

  4. Hi Mary...Great post! So are you originally from Chicago? Have a wonderful weekend!~Hugs, Patti

  5. WOW...What a wonderful way to start my morning. I LOVE this song. I love the reminder as well for the support and prayers for our troops. GOD BLESS THEM ALL!! Thanks for sharing this. Have a wonderful week-end. Blessings to you, Debbie

  6. Oh Mary~~this is one of my most favorite songs!!It still brings chills everytime I hear it and sing it~~the words are SO TRUE!! Praise God!!

    Thanks so much for the memories.I LOVE this post, sweet friend~~thank you!
    May God Bless and Protect our brave men and women as they sacrifice everything for freedom!
    God Bless and keep us all....

    Hugs and Love,

    ~Let FREEDOM Ring!~

  7. Love this song and all that it means. We live next to where a lot of fighter pilots are being trained and see them fly by everyday. I always remember to stop and say a prayer for them and their family. God Bless. Hugs, Marty

  8. Mary, I feel compelled to join in on TSMSS too! I love knowing that each Saturday I can visit other blogs and sing and worship along with them.

    BTW, you can go into your Blogger dashboard and click on "edit posts". You can then delete any post that you don't want visible. I've done this before too.

    I love this song too. Have a great weekend and enjoy that weather. We're starting to get "a bit cooler" in Phoenix but that simply means it's not 100. LOL.


  9. Hola que lindas palabras, cuidate, Chany.,-

  10. Beautiful song and tribute...loved reading, watching and hearing all of this today!

  11. Dearest Mary, Hope this finds you well! I've been very ill this week and slowly visiting my blog buddies sites and finding out what is a goin' on.

    I remember the first time I actually saw a Salvation Army couple in their stunning blue uniforms. I had only seen SA in movies, so when I saw the real McCoy I was a little surprisd that they are real people and not just actors!!!!

    The video is wonderful. I played it and as it was playing, my Granddaughter started dancing, my hubby and daughter started singing along!

    Hubby pointed out, you notice it isn't the Battle Hymn of the Democracy, it's the Battle Hymn of the Republic.

    Your wording for prayer is a very good one to pray.
    God bless you,

  12. Dear Mary, you've chosen such a powerful hymn...there was a coffee morning Bible study at my church earlier, and I was so pleased that I attended, 10am. Well, I went into town to get some groceries and got into quite a discussion with a Muslim. He wanted me to know that God is not in my life and the Bible is wrong. Even after hearing my testimony he was still aggressively trying to convert me to Islam. If I wasn't grounded in my faith, I would have been filled with doubts. But praise be to God, who rescued me out of the filth that was my life, I do not have to go a whoring after any other false Gods.
    My sister, you have a blessed weekend, and the Lord willing, we will see each other next week in blogland :o)

  13. Beautiful, thanks so much for sharing that. We need to be praying for our country and troops. I am praying for God to have mercy on our country and to intervene.

  14. Beautiful video! I'm glad I stopped by today. Thank-you for your sweet comment about my header. I don't know where it is, my mom sent me this picture in an email two years ago and I saved it because I just feel in love with it.
    Have a wonderful Saturday,

  15. Beautiful. I have always loved this song!

  16. What a beautiful post Mary. Thank you for sharing. MY mother was also singing in the Salvation Army. Have a nice day

  17. That's a great song "Gloria - Aleluya"
    Thanks for your visit, and yes I made it.

  18. Very beautiful song. Terry Blackwood has a great voice.

  19. Mary, this is so beautiful, and so is the spirit of the wonderful person that posted it!

    This is one of my favorite Hymns too, Mary.
    My Mom passed from Alzheimer's Disease and the last time I visited her in the nursing home I sang this song to her (singing always calmed her down), after that I got a virus and had to stay away for a few days, my Mom got very sick and was taken to the hospital, when my sister got there my Mom was still singing this song over and over again.
    I was finally well enough to visit my Mom in the hospital before she went on Hospice care, she was out of it by then, but her nurse told me that she was singing that song all night long. I'm glad these were the last words on her lips.

    Beautiful post.
    And many thanks for you kindness to me all the time. You comments really refresh my soul.
    Love and Prayers,

  20. Another wonderful post and I do love this song, it is so heart warming, I think your prayers for the brave men and women that serve are beautiful.......:-) Hugs

  21. Mary, your blog is a breath of fresh air tonight....so many delightful blogs about antiques and such...that we do enjoy...but yours is so special.
    And enjoyed the music of Bill & Gloria Geither's group.
    If you have a minute, please come over and say hello.