Thursday, October 22, 2009

Government out of Control

I'm posting this late morning on Thursday, but I still have hope that some will read this...its very important. Its long, but please read and share it...very important.

Back in 1992, I purchased this book, "The Coming Economic Earthquake", written by Larry Burkett in 1991. Mr. Burkett is widely known and respected as a financial expert that follows biblical principals to achieve debt free wealth and Godly lifestyle. Here is just a little of what is inside this book. Remember that it was written in 1991.

"Peace and Safety"..."That's the economic news and forecast from the White House, the Federal Reserve, the U.S. Treasury, and a web of enormous banks and insurance companies. The fact is that America faces its greatest financial crisis in history during the 1990's. As massive government debt exceeds the total net worth of the United States government, the ever-growing need for new revenues will bring massive tax increases and soaring interest rates. Inflation will influence the daily decisions of every American as we seek to maintain eroding lifestyles." (inside cover)

"There is approximately $600 billion stored in private IRA's...it is possible that the total may reach $1.5 trillion. That great hoard of money will simply be too tempting for the politicians to pass up). It is very likely that privagte retirement accounts will ultimately be absorbed into the Social Security systemand their owners given "equivalent" benefits." page 138

"The Health Care Deficits...When the costs of Medicaid are included, the total cost of government provided health care represents nearly 30% of all taxes paid. Because of this and the escalating costs of private insurance, it seems certain that we will adopt some form of government sponsored health insurance over the next few years...What is the probably source of funding? Business taxes. Unfortunately, what the government doesn't seem to grasp is that bsinesses don't pay taxes...they simply pass the added costs along to the consumers. If the laws change to prohibit passing these costs along (as some politicians suggest), then the businesses will simply pack up and move to more amenable countries to make their producgs. Small businesses that cannot do this will end in bankruptcy. Then we will lose the tax revenues they generate and add more people to the entitlements system." page 140-141

"...I suspect that our less-than-conservative politicians will sell the public on more debt to fund their social programs. I can already hear the politicians' appeals on the evening news: "Its clear that the alarmists were wrong about the debt. The economy has recovered, and now we need to get on with the business of government: meeting needs. I recommend that we raise the allowable budget deficit to $6 quadrillion..."

"It is my assumption that some event will initiate a massive spending cutback on the part of consumers. This could be a stock market crisis or an oil embargo, but more likely, it will be the collapse of several "mega-banks", insurance companies, or large corporations." Page 152



Crack #2...MONETIZING THE DEBT...it should be noted here that the printing of money to pay the government's bills will be one of the last, and certainly the most desperate, measures because of the potential severity of the consequences." Friends, this is already being done!

Crack #3...TAXES, TAXES, TAXES. (Google Value Added Tax...this is what our government is already proposing.)

If you can find this book, you will have a much better understanding of what is happening, and what is coming, if this administration isn't stopped NOW! What is interesting about this book is that Mr. Burkett wrote this in 1991, thinking we would see these monetary changes by 1999. In 2003, he wrote an article where he said that although his timing was off, this collapse is still eminent without intervention by the American people. Unfortunately for us, he died of cancer shortly after that, and we no longer have his voice to warn us of the future catastrophe...we just have this book. We also have Fox cable news...watching for just one day will open your eyes...watching mainline news will keep you in the dark.

Thanks for reading this...please pray for our country.

God bless you all. Please continue to pray for our military...they are in great need of prayer covering.



  1. Thanks for posting this book. I plan to look it up and buy it.

  2. Dear One,
    Thank you for sharing this information.
    It's so very important to know.

  3. Hi Mary, I couldn't agree with you more! I am now in my early 60's and being a pretty conservative person, have seen this coming for many years - they warned us about our country's collapse in the 70's! And it's here now, and there seems to be no stopping these "politicians", but a more accurate word would be "money grabbers" - OUR hard earned money! Many people don't see it and that is what is hard for me to believe, their heads are in the sand. However we can thank God, what is happening now is as it's supposed to be..we are closer to the end of the book! Thank you for your post today, I sure hope and pray that our "Leaders" will open their eyes soon!

  4. WOW Mary that was really interesting, and talk about knowing what you are talking about. This man really could see where we were no doubt headed. This is all very scary and when will (or how will)this all end? We ALL must do whatever we can and pray more diligently. Thanks for posting all this. Blessings, Debbie

  5. My husband and I always knew Mr Burkett had a keen sense about him. Mr. Burkett wrote this to 'warn' us. I know we need to lift up our government and those who run it. I believe it is in the design and meant to be all that is underway at the moment. 'Nothing bad, nothing good happens to me today, without going through my Father's hands.' So it goes for our country right now.
    Thank you for stopping by 'America The Beautiful'.


  6. The direction our country is heading under the current administration just makes my stomach hurt! I, too, am praying for our country!

  7. Mary, sadly we are on the train to ruin and it's a runaway train at that. Our country is being sold to China and there's no stopping it. The interest alone is $500,000,000. per day. Where will or does that come from. It's all impossible and my husband and I have never been so scared or worried in our lives. I don't know what's worse, the above or hearing someone say healthcare should be free........what??!! Don't people know NOTHING is free.
    What makes our country so great and desirable to many is our freedom. Where is it????? Char

  8. I know it is possible to get us all fired up with propaganda because I saw what propaganda did during WWII to rally us all up to sacrifice for our country and I didn't even know it until Tom Brokaw wrote his book 50 years later. In that case it was good and we don't know what this is. I think it is the media. We did not have the 24/7 new and opinions floating around out there back then. All we can do is take care of our own responsibilities and pray. God is in the middle of all of this but we must find Him.

  9. Thanks for posting this. Larry Burkett went to the same church I did back in the 70s, they moved away when he became so "famous!" I didn't know he had died. His wife was in my SS class.

    I watch Fox News daily/nightly!


  10. P.S. - I forgot to answer your questions about my Tablescape Thursday. I found the black and orange gingham last year at Walmart. The china isn't depression glass, it all came from Dollar Tree, this year! Thanks for all your compliments!


  11. These are indeed frightening times!!!! Can you imagine the White House without a Christmas Tree? The Obama's will not allow the artists making the ornaments to have anything with Christ or Christmas on the ornaments. It is now a "Holiday Tree"

  12. Scary isn't it? We pray for our country every day.

  13. Thanks for stopping by and leaving such uplifting comments for me Mary. You are so sweet. I also enjoyed reading your post and wish more people could see what is really going on here. My husband and I have been worried and have feared about what is happening in this country right now. I believe the media has played an important negative role in why most people don't see the truth.

    Thanks for sharing.