Sunday, October 25, 2009

Show Us Your Cottage~Roses, Teacups, and Scarecrows

Last week, I discovered a new “party” over at http://houseinroses.blogspot.com/?  It is
Show Off Your Cottage Monday” brought to us by our lovely hostess, Cielo.  Well, since I have a “tea cottage”, and I love everything and anything to do with cottage, I couldn’t wait to join in this week.  Please find your prettiest rosy teacup, fill it with your favorite blend, sit yourself right down, and take a few moments to smell the roses!  Then click on over to visit Cielo for more cottage inspiration!

I’m also joining our very sweet friend, Kim at http://shabbypinkandpre­tty.­blogspot.­com , as she brings us “ Tea Things Tuesday”.  There are some beautiful tea things waiting for you over at Kim’s, and more teacup lovers are sharing in the fun by participating, so be sure to visit them for a delightful tea party!

I can’t imagine a cottage without several teacups, and this is my newest addition,  purchased only 2 days ago at my favorite antique store..  You won’t believe what I paid for her…$6.00!  Yes, can you believe it?  Would you like to know why?  I was told that there is a teensy weensy chip just under the foot of the teacup…chip?  Where?  I don’t see any chip! Someone’s poor eyesight made a very good bargain for me!  It is now one of my favorites, with the dainty pink and dark yellow roses that are very similar to the roses at the bottom.


I can’t tell you  how much I enjoy sipping tea from a beautiful china teacup.  Since I was a little girl, my eyes have delighted at the sight of the floral patterns in colors of the rainbow, the curves of the handles, the scalloped edges of the saucer, trimmed in gold leaf paint.  When I’ve finished cleaning and putting things away, I reward myself with a moment or two of quiet bliss with a cup of tea.  Whether rain or shine, it soothes my nerves, and makes me feel as though I’ve just begun my day anew.  And if I’m fortunate to have a rose or two in bloom, all the better. 



To welcome you as you walk toward the house  is this cute little scarecrow…now tell me, does he look scary to you?  Of course not.  Every cottage also needs a scarecrow, and I think he’s the cutest little guy!

Oh, I guess he was a little scary after all…a few of the blooms on my petunia plant have up and died!  Shhhhh…don’t tell anyone else…maybe they won’t notice.


Here’s his little friend, hanging on the side of the front door.  Love that crooked smile!  I thought about using him to sweep the cobwebs from the windows on either side of the door, but I just couldn’t get him dirty, now could I?  Ooops, looks like he’s scary, too…look at  those dead and dying stems on the geranium plant!


I'm afraid this is the extent of my autumn decorating, at least so far. 

We had our first rain of the season a couple of weeks ago, and just as it ended, I tried to capture the raindrops kissing the roses…I hope you can at least a little…

it was warm and sultry, giving the roses such a romantic air about them.

100_3878      yellow and pink roses in front yard

This beautiful lavender tea rose seems to be too lanky, but I’m not sure why…she gets plenty of sun and water…perhaps I should sing to her…I’ve heard that helps plants grow.  On second thought, my singing might not be the answer I’m looking for!

front yard roses

Looking out from the front porch.  First sign of fall is the yellowing of this birch tree’s leaves.


The day before the rain was due to come, I went out and cut several bouquets of roses and brought them in…here are two of my favorites…sorry, I don’t remember the name of either of them…one might be a double-delight, but not sure.


Isn’t this color just gorgeous?  A peachy tangerine on the inside, bordered with a beautiful “hot” pink!

The picture below is untouched…I have no idea how it turned out this way…sort of  transparent, as if you can almost see through it  The vase holding these two beauties belonged to my mother…I received very few of her things when she passed, but I did manage to get two of these bud vases, and another one a little larger…I don’t think they are that old, but they were hers, and that’s what matters…I love them.


Oh, what a delicious PINK!


As you can see, my kitchen table needs refinishing, but I’m waiting until the last grandchild grows out of carving pictures in the wood!

I am so glad you dropped by my cottage and I hope you enjoyed my roses …they are my favorite part of having a cottage style home. .. its a delight to have the color and fragrance fill my the yard and house all summer long, and well into autumn.

Don’t forget to visit Cielo on Monday and Kim on Tuesday…I know you are going to enjoy all the other cottage and tea things …so many beautiful rooms, gardens, heirlooms, or just things are loved for what they do for the owner…enjoy your adventure, and be sure to come back next week for more peeks inside my tea cottage home!

God bless everyone…God bless and protect our wonderful troops, so dedicated to their country, their flag, and OUR freedom, keep them safe, and bring them home soon. God bless their families, and bring peace to their hearts.



  1. Bonjour! Just found your blog and wanted to say how much I enjoyed 'visiting'. Your roses are so beautiful, the coral color has always been a special favorite of mine. Your post about Amy was especially touching, she IS looking in the eyes of the Lord...our blessed hope!

  2. Pretty pretty post of your wonderful teacup and the gorgeous roses!! My plants have long gone to sleep for the winter as we have already had our 3rd snow since September!

    Enjoyed reading your "one Note" post. God looks at things so much differently than we do and is so pleased with the "one note" we play for Him!


  3. Hi Mary,

    Thanks for the wonderful comments you made on my blog. I just love your pics and that teacup is just beautiful and to cost so little. You are a great bargain hunter. I so enjoyed the other pictures too. I am going to have to find me a broom to decorate.


  4. Beautiful roses and teacup!

    I love the tea party post as well. ;-)

  5. Hi Mary...That was a lovely post today! Such pretty photos of your home and roses! It was a nice way to start a Monday. Thank you for your sweet comments on my blog. I just can't seem to come up with stuff to blog about. My grandkids were here as you know and it rained so we just stayed in and had pizza and watched some videos. We are going to go their house for beggars night so maybe I can get some pics then. Have a wonderful week ahead, friend!~Hugs, Patti

  6. 'Morning Mary,
    What a pretty teacup! Your home looks lovely and your roses beautiful. It must be wonderful to be able to still enjoy them. Mine have long since died off for the winter. Have a wonderful day.


  7. Beautiful post, Mary!
    I can't believe you still have roses blooming! Such a Blessing! And I love how you bring them in to dress the house!
    This was a really sweet post and I love how you decorated for Fall, and I love your teacup find! Seeing roses anywhere makes me happy.

    And I wouldn't touch that table! Every nick and scratch made by loving hands looks like a treasure to me!
    I'm like that though, I don't like a pristine look anymore. In fact, I only shop with the tattered and worn in mind, I've been replacing everything 'new' in my home with 'lovingly used and bruised' treasures!

    Great post, Mary!
    Love to you,

  8. What a wonderful way to start my day Mary. I too love tea cups and roses...I have several REALLY pretty little tea cups, and two really pretty tea pots. I don't do well with roses. Actually, I don't do well with any plants. Don't know what color my thumb is, but is definitely NOT green, haha I do have 6 rose bushes though that I do get some lovely blooms off of occasionally. One of them is a gorgeous shade of lavender though. Anyway, yours are BEAUTIFUL...Melody leaves around 4 today and I'll need something to cheer me up, so I'll visit these other blogs then. Have a good day...Debbie

  9. Beautiful, I love roses- I have a few that are still blooming-
    Have a wonderful day

  10. Hi Mary,
    What a sweet little teacup. You make tea drinking sound so wonderful. I can certainly see how drinking tea out of pretty little teacups could enchance the experience. Know I want a cup of tea. Weather is perfect for it today. It is a chilly morning here. Anyway, I love your roses and cute little scarecrows. Have a wonderful Monday. Blessings.


  11. What pretty roses! You know I think beautiful flowers just make a home. And I love your teacup and cute scarecrows!

    Happy Cottage Monday...


    Sheila :-)

  12. Your roses are beautiful! I love roses, and yes I think every cottage needs a rose. Your scarecrow is so cute!
    Have a blessed day,

  13. Hello, Mary,
    I always enjoy visiting your lovely cottage home! Your tea cup and saucer are so pretty and what a find! Your roses are gorgeous. I love the raindrops on roses picture. I am so glad you were able to have some of the vases that belonged to your mother. Blessings to you and thank you for dropping by Bunny Cottage for a cup of tea! Vicki

  14. Mary, your pictures have me drooling in my socks. Gorgeous!!!!

    Barb ♥

  15. Mary, your roses are absolutely stunning!!! your roses tea cup is lovely too:) thanks for sharing!!!

  16. It´s a pretty scarecrow in your garden. Also those greats roses.

  17. I'm so glad my hubby's a gardener and appreciates flowers. I have to stick mostly to roses on fabric though, china wouldn't last long in our home! We're all too clutzy.

    I love the tangerine, pink rose. It reminds me of the sherbert "push up" ice creams.

  18. Thank you for your lovely note on my blog.....I love your tea cup and saucer, so beautiful.

    Your roses are stunning, I live up in The Great White North so our roses have long been gone. Thanks for sharing your story and pictures.


  19. Oh Mary your teacup is so gorgeous! And what a great price too! I love your beautiful roses. There is nothing quite like a rose :-)


  20. Roses and teacups, no better combination. Your teacup is beautiful, good price too! Hope your day is wonderful!

  21. Hi Mary,

    what a great find. That teacup is so pretty. Your roses are gorgeous. I love roses, and don't have anything like these. I need to plant more bushes. Cute little scarecrows too. Now for a cup of tea in a lovely cup!


  22. Thank you for the wonderful tour and sentiments. I love the vases from your mother, I too lost my mother, and I treasure the things I have to remember her. I would remember anyway, but it is an extra warm feeling. Your roses are beautiful, and the raindrops are clearly visable and make for an extra charming picture.

  23. Oh! Rain! So Lucky!!! What a precious teacup!!!

    m ^..^

  24. Good afternoon Mary, Everything is just beautiful here from your lovely teacup and saucer, to your cute little scarecrow, and your gorgous flowers. Thank you for sharing a little of your cozy cottage with all of us ♥

  25. Mary,

    I enjoyed my visit with you today. Beautiful photos.


  26. Very nice Mary. I really like the tea cup and the rest of the photos from around your home are great. Love what the sunshine did to that photo of the roses in the vase on the table :0)

  27. I'm so glad that you don't do scary; I much prefer happy. I love your pretty tea cup and saucer as well as those roses!

  28. Hi Mary,

    Your new teacup is lovely. What a lucky find for you. Your rose garden is amazing. I can almost smell the roses from here... :)

  29. I enjoyed all of this! Tea cups and roses, and some fall touches, all cozy and welcoming! Thanks for the tour!