Tuesday, September 1, 2009

~A Variety of Whites~

small collage of whites

It’s White Wednesday!  Please visit our lovely hostess, Kathleen, at www.fadedcharmcottage.blogspot.com to find some pretty white treasures bought to you by your blogging friends! 

I have always enjoyed this wicker plant stand that I purchased at an antique store a few years ago.  I know the geraniums aren’t white, but I couldn’t resist putting then in the stand to show off it’s pretty white details.

wicker plant stand

A close up view

wicker plant stand 2

This pretty frame was a find at the antique flea market…I’m sure it’s not an antique, but I love the detail.  It came with a textured white paper that I can’t seem to remove in order to put pictures there…I think the white makes a pretty picture in itself.small picture frame  

  I know these aren’t all white, either, but I had to show them to you, and I don’t know of a yellow or green event yet!  These pretty doilies were in a stack of other crocheted doilies at another antique store. I’m pretty sure they were done by hand, probably as a gift, as they are in perfect condition and unused.   I saw a peek of yellow sticking out, and couldn’t believe that I found two matching!  I’m trying to decide how to display them, since I’m certainly not going to take a chance on getting them dirty.  Perhaps a pretty white picture frame?

potholders.j2 close up potholder

A glimpse of the bathroom on one side of the sink.


I couldn’t get a better picture of this bar of soap, but it is some kind of a floral design.  It was a gift from a dear friend…a “just because” gift…I can’t bring myself to unwrap it…someone might mistakenly use it to wash their dirty hands!

soap blue

I found this votive candle holder at T.J. Maxx about 3 years ago.  White and covered with roses…it had my name written all over it!


Here’s another picture in the kitchen in a different light, and another view of the top when it’s turned slightly.

white tose votive candle holder

The little soap dish was also a gift from the same friend…she finds the sweetest things!  I know, I know, it’s got blue in it…sorry.

soap dish


A birthday present from my granddaughter a few years ago…one of my  most treasured possessions.  Of course, I say that grandCHILDREN are a wonderful treasure of memories.  I know you grandmas agree!  

I apologize for sneaking other colors into my white today…I have many whites, but these are just some things I thought you might enjoying seeing.  I’ll try to stick to  ALL WHITE next week!

grandmother picture 3

White is my favorite background color…it gives me a sense of calm and space… it is known to reflect the light, and light in my house is one thing I really need.  In the winter or when it’s raining, I turn a lot of lights on, as it brings a sense of sunshine.  We do need to watch those electric bills, though, so we only have the lights on where we happen to be at the time.

Thanks so much for joining me today for White Wednesday.  Don’t forget to join Kathleen and the other participants…I’m sure they have some lovely whites just waiting for your arrival!

We have blogging friends that are in need of prayer…please check my sidebar for a couple of them…Amy, and Andrew…and there are so many others…please continue lifting them up for healing of their bodies. 

Please remember to pray for our country…there are proposed changes that none of us bargained for, so please stand strong and speak out if you are not in favor of them.  I heard just today that there is talk of a “new set of founding fathers”, because  “the original founding fathers do not deserve the loyalty we’ve given them”…friends, that is a very scary statement…please pray that God will continue to protect and bless America.

My good friend, Lynn at http://lynnslovelies.blogspot.com/2009/09/one-nation-under-god.html has a very important message.  Please click over to her blog and read what she has shared with us today.


God bless each and every one of you! 




  1. You have some lovely whites, and I'm of the opinion that a touch of color helps any white to "pop."

    Thank you for your prayers yesterday. God answered!

  2. Thank you for sharing, Mary! Love it all! I love all things white...always have.

    Blessings for a lovely day~


  3. Hi Mary,
    I loved the whites and the ones with color are my fave!! You have an awesome knack for decor, just gorgeous my friend! Cindy

  4. Hi Mary, I think your whites look great with some color in them. I especially love your wicker pot stand....that is beautiful with the flower in it!~Patti

  5. I enjoyed seeing all your beautiful white things. That deck looks like a lovely restful retreat. The crocheted doilies would be very pretty in frames.

  6. Lovely whites Mary...love the potholders! I have a couple of sets myself but of course don't use them. And that wicker plant stand is beautiful!

  7. Hi Mary,
    That is exactly what I love about white, that it can be paired up with any color...it's always the perfect background. Your items are beautiful. I especially like your votive lamp. Too cute. Have a wonderful day.

    ♥Ana~A Petite Cottage

  8. There has to be a way to get the pictures in the frame. Maybe they slip in front of the paper...just a thought! It is so pretty!

  9. Happy White Wednesday Mary, enjoyed looking at your post. Loved the little white candle lamp.

    come visit

  10. Hi Mary, your pictures are stunning. They make me smile. Hope you are having a wonderful day.

    Barb :-)

  11. Perfect white, a touch of color always be good.

  12. Dear Mary,
    Blessings to you from HomeHaven.
    Enjoyed your post today with the white theme.
    So very pretty and pleasant to see!

  13. Hi Mary! Thanks for your visit. I think mixing a little color with the white is totally okay. It makes the white stand out so much better. I loved the wicker plant stand.

    My Desert Cottage

  14. How pretty, I love your shabby plant stand full of pretty flowers... Bisous... Julie Marie

  15. Hello Mary, it's all so lovely. I couldn't choose a favourite :o)

  16. Hi Mary! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog today!! I am always happy to meet a new friend. I love your blog!! What a beautiful home you have! I love all your whites :) I am getting so into white lately and it is making me want to redo my house, lol!

  17. Hello Mary, I am so thrilled that you stopped by my blog today. I don't know that I have ever visited you, but your blog is a delight. I love it. You asked where the mountain pictures on my last post were taken. They are just off the road out side of Payson and Christopher Creek. I am glad they brought back some memories for you, we love it up there, just gorgeous and a wonderful way to get out of the heat. Please visit again soon, Char

  18. Hi Mary-

    I enjoyed visiting today. Your blog is lovely!

    Isn't this all fun?


  19. Hi Mary,
    I love your collage. The wicker plant stand is so pretty with the geranium.
    Thank you for the kind comments.

    Take care,

  20. Mary,
    As usual, a very inspiring blog. I love all your white, and yes the touches of color. You plant stand with those beautiful geraniums is wonderful.
    My Best

  21. Hi Mary,
    I loved seeing all your treasure this WW. Love them all, but i have to say I covet the wicker plant stand.

  22. You always have such beautiful things on your blog! Love it all!


  23. Great potholders, they would so fit in my kitchen. I have pillowcases with a similar yellow rose.

  24. Hi Mary, I popped over to thank you for identifying Dr. Death for me and I am thrilled to be here. Your blog is absolutely beautiful and I can see things here I would love to have. Everything is just beautiful, I hope you allow me to follow you.
    Again thank you Mary and please do come back for a visit soon......:-) Hugs

  25. Hi Mary~ I'm having an apron giveaway. Stop by and throw your name in the hat!

  26. What wonderful whiteness :0) I'm glad I popped by, I will go and check out some of your suggestions.

  27. Good Morning Mary

    I read this post yesterday thru Google Reader, but didn't have time to leave a comment.

    I love all of your yummy whiteness. Especially the potholders - you called them doilies. My Nan had something so similar that she used as pot holders.

    Thanks for stopping by The Old Parsonage and your sweet comment.

    Come back soon!

  28. Hi, love your blog!!! so many beautiful details, flowers all over, really enchanting.
    María Cecilia, from Chile, southamerica

  29. What a lovely blog you have...I think your white weds. photos are so so lovely...your pot holders hold a special place in my heart...my grandma use to make ones just like that and I have some pink and white ones....so so lovely! I am off to read some of your past posts that I have missed..will be back!

  30. I am totaly in love with everything you have posted. Thanks for the email, I will write back to you shortly. Have I told you lately that I am sooooo glad you and I are friends?

    Love & Hugs
    ♥ Duchess ♥

  31. Hi, Mary,
    All of your whites are very beautiful and elegant. I love the white wicker plant stand with the lovely geraniums. Vicki

  32. Such pretty white treasures!
    I L.O.V.E them all!!
    Thanks for sharing!!!


  33. Thank you for visiting me and your nice comment. I love your blog, your pics are so very lovely! Have a wonderful weekend and be blessed.

  34. Beautiful whites. The doilies/pot holders are so pretty. They would be wonderful framed!

  35. Beautiful pictures, I love the ceramic lamp. Very good message in your posts. I'll be back.