Tuesday, July 28, 2009

White Wednesday Treasures

It’s White Wednesday, hosted by KATHLEEN at www.fadedcharmcottage.blogspot.com .  Just click on the White Wednesday button, to the right, to visit Kathleen and friends who are sharing their whites with us today!  It was difficult for me to decide what to take pictures of for today’s post, so I just took pictures of a lot of things and chose the ones that turned out best!  I hope you enjoy them.

Like so many of you,   I love the hunt for shabby chic, cottage style, or tea related items, and especially things in white.  Today we went on our weekly visit to a local antique store that always seems to have something waiting for me, this sweet blue and white rose handkerchief caught my eye immediately.  It was $4.  Ordinarily, I prefer things with ruffles or lace, but the roses won me over.  As often is the case, I have no idea where I will use it, but with one bathroom and one bedroom done in blue and white, I’m sure it will find the perfect place!



Roses and butterflies…ahhhhhh. 



Now, this sweet jewelry dolly came from Marshall’s, but I’ve seen it at T.J. Maxx and Home Goods as well, although I think they may have been a little bit smaller.  As you can see, it does not hold any jewelry, oh no.  I want it to take center stage and let nothing detract from it’s pretty curves.  If only mine were as…well, you know.



My little green wooden pot with the white  paper roses came from T.J. Maxx at least 8 years ago – I lose track of time – but it’s been awhile.  There are numerous places in my house that this rose bush looks good, I just have to move it from time to time, so I can enjoy it, no matter what room I’m in.  The “ribbon”, what is that stuff called, anyway? ahem, the ribbon on it is getting a little shabby, but hey, all the better!



When hubby and I went to the thrift store a few days ago, I spotted this white heart-shaped plate encircled with roses – it was love at first sight.  I think I paid about $2 for it.  How could anyone part with this sweet thing? It looks bigger in the picture that it is, which is about the size of a salad plate – perfect for holding a few cookies to eat while having a cup of tea!

!tip of rose heart dish  

  rose heart dish


There was a picture of these three white pitchers on my Tablescape Thursday  post last week, but I wanted to show you how pretty they are in their new location on the mantle.  The mirror is a T.J. Maxx find that is sitting there temporarily, until I decide if that is where it will stay, before I put a big hole in the paneling behind it!  I do like the way it reflects the pitchers and crystal, or are they glass?, candlesticks.



Sometimes when I’m out scouring the shops for lovely and affordable additions to my earthly treasures, I think of the book, Simple Abundance, as I mentioned in a previous post.   Small, inexpensive items that make a house a home, that make a heart sing, or that just make us smile, and that add charm and personality to your surroundings can give us the sense of  well being.  We all know, of course, that true wealth can only be measured by our relationships and the people we love.  I hope all of you are wealthy with loved ones at your side, friends at your dinner table, and the peace of God that surpasses all  understanding!

Til next week, may God bless you, and remember to keep “living in the pink”!



  1. Hi Mary. Great white things. I loved your blue rose hankie. My Husband was in Germany in the 70's and he saw a blue rose bush. He said it was the prettiest blue rose he had ever seen. I have tried to find one like it, but so far I have only seen lavender roses sold as blue ones. Wished he talked to the person who grew that rose he saw.


  2. Very pretty whites,... I'm fond of those paper white roses and your mantel looks fantastic. Hankies are great, I have so many placed all over my home.

    Have a Great Day-

  3. I love all your whites and most especially the vintage handkerchief!
    All so pretty, really!
    Nice post!
    All the best,

  4. Hi Mary,
    Pretty whites! White always looks crisp and clean, I think. Btw, I went to Krusteaz website and the scone mix is not sold anywhere in Ohio that I could see. I am going to St Louis in a few weeks....I will check while I am there.

  5. Very, very pretty~especially the girly mannequin!
    But your quotes from Ronal Reagan were heart-stopping!
    I, too, was a young Mom and could not appreciate those words. But today? Look how far we have come? Do you mind if I cut and paste and use them for a future post?
    Have a great *white wednesday*!

  6. Hello Mary;;; OH my gosh!! what lovely and beautiful White things you have.... It would be hard for me to pick just one favorite, so they are all my favorite's lol just gorgeous.
    thanks for sharing


  7. I just love the vintage hankerchief. So pretty. Cindy at My Romantic Home had a tray project that she made from a picture frame-you may want to check it out as a way to use your hankie.

    I love the mirror on the mantle. I would leave it just as it is, it looks perfect!


  8. Hi Mary,
    Love your whites! The mantle with all the white pitchers is so pretty.

  9. Great pics especially the one of your mantel. So glad you could join in all the "White" fun!