Sunday, July 12, 2009

Spiritual Sunday

Well, I actually missed “Spiritual Sunday” since I didn’t know about it til late last night. Perhaps I’ll have a post next week, but I did decide to share a few things for relaxing Sunday afternoon. I hope it’s relaxing for you…I was raised in the late 50’s –60’s, when people went to church and all the stores were closed. I don’t believe I’d even heard of a mall yet. We can still choose to live that way. I choose to abstain from shopping on Sundays, and I abstain from malls entirely!. They make me dizzy! So Sunday is perfect for inviting a friend or a new acquaintance to tea. Here in California, it’s 4:21, time for “high tea”. In future blogs, I’ll be sharing more on what I’ve learned about tea times, proper etiquette, and how we here in America differ in our “taking tea” than the Brits do – you’d be surprised! For now, though, please come in, relax, take a deep breathe and enjoy a few pictures and some company while I put the kettle on!

This is a clip art I used for place cards for a tea I gave in the spring. Unfortunately, I used all the place cards and didn’t get a picture of the table setting showing them off. Wouldn’t it look great on your own stationary or invitations?


Part of the fun of having a tea, and part of the pleasure of going to a tea is the detail in preparation. Both the giving and the receiving give us the sense of fullness. I’m reminded of a great book titled “ Simple Abundance”. I don’t remember the author at the moment, but in the book she shares her discoveries of what makes her feel “rich”. Tea is one of those discoveries for me. Try it!

These two pictures are from another free clip art that I used for place cards and menus at a tea I gave for friends in February of this year. I TOLD you I love roses! The china is the Old Country Roses Damask collection. I’ll post better pictures another time, when I have learned how to take better pictures!

rosem4 A rosey afternoon tea2damask teacup

My granddaughter and her friend again. They just can’t seem to stay away from my teas! I got her a teapot covered with red hearts for Valentine’s Day. She decorated her own “tea table” herself, with a little help from a friend!


Some cottage finds – all on sale! These darling birds are made of wood, and enjoy their view from the top!


This adorable jewelry dress form was about $10 at Marshall’s.


We have a great little shop called “A Room With A Past” that is only open one week-end a month, and I’m usually the first one in the parking lot! This flower basket was $10 – yes, $10!


A darling birdcage from Michaels – at 60% off! Oh, I love these bargains!


I have other great finds that I will share in future posts – you’ll love them!

May your Sunday be blessed with friends and family! Til next time…


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  1. Hi Mary, so glad you found us!!1 And happy youll be joining in on Tea Time Tuesday..
    Best to you