Monday, July 20, 2009

It’s Teacup Tuesday!

It’s time to display our  teacups for Teacup Tuesday.  Thank you to our hostess, Kim, at http://shabbypinkandpretty.blogspot.com.  Be sure to visit Kim’s blog to  see what other beauties she and other friends have posted for you!

I recently went to a favorite antique store, and found this four tiered teacup stand, already distressed in shabby chic white!  AND, there are roses on the top!  There were two of them, so I bought the second one for a dear friend’s birthday.  I had been looking for a three tiered stand, but hadn’t found any that I was in love with, so when I saw this one, it took me about one second to take it up to the register to pay!  I was so happy to have found them, but to only pay $20 each was even better.  Don’t we just love a bargain!

The teacups on the stand are, from top to bottom:

Royal Albert Peach Damask,

Bethany, with no pattern name.  It’s the same pattern as the Allyn Nelson,

just different manufacturer,  and it doesn’t have the flowers on the inside of the cup

teacup stand3

Royal Albert Soft Pink Lace,

Royal Albert Rose Cameo Pink. 




Love the roses  and the curves! 100_2996


 This teacup, sitting on a pink cake plate, has a yellow background, with a chintz pattern of pink and white roses, as does it’s matching teapot, made by Allyn Nelson.  There is no pattern name on the bottom.   I just hate it when there’s no name.  Makes it almost impossible to find one on ebay when you don’t have a name! 

I have the yellow one in the Bethany teacup without the flower inside, just like the pink one on the tiered stand.   I found these two at T.J. Maxx for $9.99.  I think this Allyn Nelson was about $30 at Country Clutter.  I would like to get another yellow one with the flowers on the inside, so I have a pair to go with the teapot.  I also have this set in blue – I might post that one next week!

I got the cake plate quite a while ago, maybe 5 yrs. or more, and don’t remember where, but they now have them at T.J. Maxx in this smaller size, and also in the larger size…in case you’re interested in a pink cake plate.  I use it often for my grandgirls’ tea parties.  It’s fun for me to get my things out to take pictures.  I don’t use these very often, but since they’re out, I will use them for my morning tea out on the deck tomorrow!  yellow teacup on cake plate100_3001

I’m glad you stopped in for a visit.  I hope you enjoyed seeing some of my collection, and hope you will come back again!  

Don’t forget, if you haven’t already stopped in for a visit with Kim, she’s waiting for you! 

May your week be filled with wonder and delight.  God bless one and all!


  1. Oh, I love all your teacups. I might join teacup Tuesday soon. I love it

  2. Hi Mary,

    I can just tell by seeing all of your beautiful teacups that we would have so much fun shopping together!! Our tastes are just the same. Don't you just love that Allyn Nelson china?? I have that same yellow teacup and teapot in my collection as well, along with a matching desert plate. I also have each piece in the pink and blue as well. I couldn't decide which color I liked the most as they were all so pretty, so I REALLY splurged and bought a set in each color. Isn't that terrible?? They are some of my favorites in my collection of teapots and teacups though, so for me it was totally worth the money and having to do without some other things for a while just so I could have them all.

    Thanks for sharing more of your beautiful collection of teacups. Oh, BTW, I love the white teacup stand too. Very cute and what a fun way to display your pretty teacups!!

  3. Mary these are just so very pretty! I like the yellow background too, very pretty with all the roses all over it!

  4. That stand will make a fabulous gift for your friend. I just love it when I find the perfect gift for someone.
    I have that same pink cake plate. I think they came in different sizes. Happy Teacup Tuesday!

  5. Hi Mary. Thank you for your comment. I was thinking about showing pictures from Holland in a few months time. I just need to go to different places

  6. I love all your pretty teacups and you displayed them so nicely too. The teapot in the last photo is beautiful.
    Thank you for visiting me.


  7. Well I must say that your display of teacups are outstanding and so very beautiful.

  8. Ah, So pretty and dainty! I've always loved it when they also have flowers on the inside!

  9. Love all these beautiful teacups! You have a great collection of OCR tea cups in different patterns, love them! That yellow tea pot and tea cup are to die for!! LOL!


  10. Your teacups are beautiful. I have four cups and saucers in the Bethany pattern, but without the flowers on the inside. The white stand with the flowers is great - I'd love to have one like that.