Saturday, July 18, 2009

“Living in the Pink” for Pink Saturday!

*** Living 'in the pink' means being healthy in the emotional, in the financial, in the mental, in the physical, in relationship and in the spiritual.”***

I’m so glad you stopped by to visit on Pink Saturday, hosted by Beverly at http://howsweetthesound.typepad.com/. Thank you, Beverly!

  Since you’re visiting here, you  probably have a passion for pink like I do.  It’s a color that appeals to our soft, romantic side, and we all have one in varying degrees.  Romance isn’t just about the opposite sex.  It is about love, and everybody needs love!  We need to receive it, and we need to give it.    Even our pets need our love, and we are so blessed when we have a little pet love us back.  Have you ever seen anyone and their dog kissing?  It’s a beautiful sight!

Pink comes in so many shades, from light to dark, from pale to bright, there are so many hues in between that we could find endless items to show off each week.  I have a few I would like to share.  I hope you enjoy them!

I think pink and roses go together, so I’ll start with roses from my garden.  Did you know that …

“…roses are a symbol for love and gratitude. As the pink rose was the most prevalent among the old garden roses, it was most strongly associated with these sentiments. While different roses may have more specific meanings, these are still the underlying message of any color rose. Pink roses also now carry a connotation of grace and elegance, as well as sweetness and poetic romance. Different shades of pink also carry their own significance. Dark pink roses are symbolic of gratitude and appreciation, and are a traditional way to send a message of thanks. Light pink roses are associated with gentleness and admiration, and can also be used as an expression of sympathy…Today, pink roses enjoy their own unique position representing elegance and refinement, as well as communicating thanks and admiration. The recipient of an arrangement of pink roses is sure to feel appreciated and special.”

Compliments of http://www.proflowers.com/flowerguide/rosemeanings/pinkrose-meanings.aspx


The tag on this rose bush says Double Delight.  It is next to the railing on our front porch, so it greets our guests as they walk up to the door.  There is a larger picture of it on a previous post.


I have another that looks different, but also is tagged Double Delight.    There are no blooms on the other one right now, so I can’t get a close up shot of, but this picture outside the window is about a week old, and perhaps shows the differences.  It has a little more yellow when it opens.   I just love the fragrance and the beauty of roses, especially pink roses! 

looking outside kitchen window

This rose is a very soft, pale pink that has little fragrance, but it’s one of the first I planted along with several others along the driveway, and I just can’t remove it.  It is very, very large, not a tea rose like the others, but it is profuse with roses, and provides me with many full vases for tea parties!


Another lighter pink climbing rose in my back yard that I call “cotton candy” pink.   It is, unfortunately, being shaded by an ever growing lemon tree, so I don’t get a as many blooms as I do with roses in full sun.  I’m not sure how I will take care of that problem, as the lemon tree provides us with plentiful lemons all year round, and I use them constantly for lemon curd and just cutting and adding the delicious juice to my tea every day.  Perhaps I can prune the rose and move it.  I’ll have to check that out. 



 I bought this green triple vase holder at an antique store in Sacramento about 2 years ago.  It came with the “bottles”.  I saw it, but didn’t buy it at that time.  When we got home, I couldn’t get my mind off of it, so we drove back, an hour away, and I rushed to get it, afraid it would be gone.   Would you believe that those beautiful pink roses are fakes?   I hope you couldn’t tell!  I love it when they’re filled with real cut roses from the yard,  so I can breathe in the wonderful fragrance when at the sink (and I’m there often), but I just can’t stand to see those pretty bottles empty.  These lovelies are a great “double” !

 flowers in kitchen window3

I purchased this darling miniature tea set at an antique store a few years ago.  I paid $30 for it. About a year later, I saw it on ebay, and I believe it sold for $12!  I can’t complain – I’ve been very fortunate in finding fantastic bargains at thrift stores and on ebay .  I had a very difficult time keeping this tea set away from my granddaughter.  She assumed that because it was little, like her, that it WAS hers!    It’s not. It is mine

Miniature pink rose tea set

100_2833 mini rose teapot

This is a Precious Moments painting that my daughter-in-“love” gave me for Christmas one year.   She painted it freehand herself – she is a very talented artist and scrap book queen!  The picture sits in the bay window over my kitchen sink, where I can see it and reflect on it’s words daily.  I don’t know about you, but I find myself feeling fearful about things at times. I must consciously remember not to be afraid of anything. What good does it do, anyway, I ask ya?



It was a  pleasure to share a little of my rose garden and my personal treasures with you this week, and I hope you will visit again.  Until then, keep “living in the pink”!

Don’t forget to visit Beverly at www.howsweetthesound.typepad.com   and visit  other Pink Saturday friends that have posted their lovely items for your viewing enjoyment! 


May God bless you all!


  1. Welcome and happy pink Saturday. I love your pink post with the beautiful roses and lovely teaset and the very special beautiful painting.
    Have a nice day.
    Riet, Holland

  2. Those roses are beautiful and the tea set is so pretty.
    Happy Pink Saturday.

  3. Hi there!
    Welcome and Happy Pink Saturday!
    Your roses are quite beautiful!
    The tea set is very pretty as well!
    Love you blog!
    Thank you for sharing
    Mary :)

  4. Welcome to your first Pink Saturday, Mary.

    I love roses, too. The rose in my banner is a Double Delight. They do smell divine, don't they?

    Your roses are beautiful. Thank you for sharing so many wonderful pinks with us today.

  5. What beautiful roses and I agree, pink and romance go hand in hand. I'm going to become a follower of you sweet blog.

    Stop by the Old Parsonage anytime, I love company.

    Enjoy your day!

  6. Welcome to Pink Saturday! I love your roses - they are all beautiful! The miniature tea set is lovely!

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  7. ♥Happy Pink Satuday♥
    Really cold (50s) in upper Michigan today with a dark sky. I need all the pink I can get this morning. Thanks so much for helping lift my spirits!

    Wishing you a weekend filled with sunshine and happiness.

  8. Happy Pink Saturday! God bless you, Sarah

  9. Your pink roses are so beautiful, and I love that tea service.


  10. So Cute, what a beautiful pink flowers!!!
    Happy pink saturday!!!



  11. happy pink saturday, love the pink rose, just gorgeous.

  12. Hi!
    I love your pink miniature teaset..its lovely
    Happy PS


  13. This is my first visit to your blog and I love it with all the tea pots and cups, so pretty. Happy PS!
    Vera :)

  14. Mary ~ Welcome to Pink Saturday! Your roses are beautiful! I have not been so lucky with roses.:( The tea set is adorable as is your painting your DIL painted for you. I will be visiting again soon.

  15. Welcome!
    I thought I was here already this morning. (Asia time).
    I like the verse on the last images. Pretty roses and nice home.
    Lovely blog.
    Happy Pink Saturday and a nice week ahead.

  16. Hi, Mary, after looking over your pretty blog, i can see that you do, indeed, love roses.
    Very pretty!
    Happy Pink!

  17. What lovely roses. The tea pot is adorable. Your post is truly one of the prettier pinks. Thanks for sharing with us.

  18. Roses are just always the best-ever thing to see on Pink Saturday! Just lovely! I have several Double Delights as it is my all time fav rose. It is long in the vase, super fragrant, and oh so pretty!

    Happiest of Pink Saturdays to you!

  19. Hi Mary,

    Oh what a pretty post for us today. Can you tell I love pink roses, and the little tea set is darling. I will have to share some of mine on a pink Saturday. :)


  20. I love your pink miniature teaset.
    Welcome and happy pink Saturday.

  21. There is just nothing like the fragrance of a Double Delight!!!!

    m ^..^

  22. Post your beautiful pink, this adorable baby!
    And the shoes too precious!
    Happy Pink Saturday friend!

  23. Your roses are beautiful and your miniature tea set is so delicate and pretty.

    Welcome to Pink Saturday!
    Robin@Miscellaneous Thoughts

  24. what a sweet minature tea set and I love all your
    other treasures as well. The roses are beautiful and I bet they smell awesome too.

  25. What absolutely beautiful PiNks!! Lovely tea set!!! Hope you're having a fab PiNk day! :) Marsha

  26. What a pretty post!
    Have the best pink day!
    xo Tami

  27. Oh my, I so love ANY rose. Happy 1st PS!

  28. Wow! those are huge roses. and I like seeing them in your clear jars. Your lucky to be able to smell these lovely flowers everyday.

    can't blame the little girl for asking if it were hers - the tea set is so pretty and cute.


  29. Hi, Mary! Welcome to Pink Saturday! We're so glad to have you with us, and I love what you posted. Such lovely roses and a beautiful tea set along with a favorite Bible quote!

    You asked me if there was a purple/lavender day, and I haven't heard of one, though there is a yellow day and a red one. :-)

    I'm afraid the only accent I have is a hint of a Southern one. The last Scotsman stepped off the boat before 1819. But there's still a lot of plaid in the blood! LOL!

    Would love to have you join us on Blue Monday, Outdoor Wednesday, Tablescape Thursday, or Foodie Friday! There are links on my sidebar to all of those events if you want to peep at those blogs.

    Happy Pink Saturday on Sunday! And love to you...


    Sheila :-)

  30. Welcome to your first Pink Saturday! I've enjoyed your post.

    Have a great 'pink' week.

    ciao for now,
    Elena :)

  31. Thank you so much for your kind comments on my "dog blog". Yes, I am literally passionate about animals, all of them - their care and welfare.

    Right now I am so jealous of your roses. We are having such a cool summer this year in upper Michigan, barely making it to 70 most days and generally in the 60s. My roses, which are usually prolific, are struggling...sigh.

    Your blog is lovely, just lovely.


  32. Hey Mary!
    The roses are beautiful and so are your other pink pretties!
    Happy Pink Saturday Belated!
    Big Hugs,

  33. I think we have something in common here.. ROSE & PINK! Unite! hehehehe Happy PS

  34. Mary, Welcome to Pink Saturday! I know you will love visiting all the fabulous PINK bloggers. I, too, love roses and yours are beautiful.

    I hope your week has started off well...drop by for a visit anytime...I am usually close by. :0)


  35. HI, Mary, thanks for stopping by! How funny about the pillow. The lady I bought it from said she made it, so you both were on the same wavelength. I figured it was an older fabric (looks like Waverly to me), but it looks very much like the coral (sea) fabrics that are out now, so I got it for the color/