Friday, July 24, 2009

~Chippy Paint Friday in White~

I’m so excited to see what everyone will have today for  Chippy Paint Friday, especially our hostess, Janice, at http://thefadedcottage.blogspot.com!  Be sure to visit her website and  all the other chipped paint lovers there.  You’ll find some great,  flaky and chipped, old, or new, and faded treasures that bring charm and character to our homes and yards!

This little side chair was a  Salvation Army purchase.   I had every intention of painting it when I got it, but that’s been about 5 years, and for some reason, I can’t bring myself to do it.  The original seat cushion fabric was horrible, though.  This lavender toile was a piece of quilting fabric  I had left over, so I threw it on there, thinking I would replace it soon.  Not. 


I love older, quality pieces that are painted.  I think they bring a sense of  personality to a room.



I bought several of these big pots at Costco many years ago,but didn’t like the red clay color – it  was begging to be painted.  So I used a bottle of white craft paint,  wet a sponge, then just rubbed it on around the pot til it was covered, then dabbed a darker shade of white over that.   The paint at the top has come off, exposing the red clay color , which matches the brick coping we added around the pool a couple of years ago, so now it looks great, especially with the old, aged look of the chipped paint.  I especially like the pink rose that grows so sweetly here!


BTW, pretend that you don’t see those weeds growing under the windows.  Honestly, though, I have planted that area so many times, and nothing, but nothing will grow there!  It’s total shade, and even impatients won’t grow.  Maybe some fake flowers will make it.  Maybe.


 I bought this plant holder at Home Goods about 3 years ago.  It wasn’t very chipped when I bought it, but it’s been outside and has naturally aged, so it looks better than before.  I haven’t decided where to put it, though, or what to put in it.  It just sits on the deck, here and there, looking  kinda lost – but I enjoy it anyway! 

100_3058plant holder

plant holder 2

Thanks for stopping by to see my first  contribution to Chippy Paint Friday  Now I’m going to click on over to Janice’s place and see what she and the others have to show us.  Come join me there! 

I hope you all have a blessed week. Be safe, enjoy your family, and don’t forget to keep “living in the Pink”!  



  1. I wouldn't touch that chair, it's perfect exactly as it is! I love furniture that looks like it has a bit of history. Such character! It's beautiful! And your clay pot too!
    And I like the idea of your wandering iron plant holder. Sometimes things are just 'restless' and it's nice to move them about from place to place. It will find a home soon enough and nestle in.

  2. Hi Mary, Love your chair and the lavender toile on it...that makes me think that I have an antique chair that needs a new seat cover! I love that pot! Looks so good with that rose planted in it! Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. I would definitely just leave the chair! Great stuff!

  4. I love that chair. So cute. I just found you through The Pink Rose Cottage. Love your cottage style.

  5. Good morning Mary and happy Friday!!

    Your chippy white chair is just lovely with the pretty lavendar toile fabric and I wouldn't change a single thing with it. It's perfect just the way it is.

    Didn't have time to stop by for a visit yesterday, but wanted to let you know that I think your blue and white tablescape is stunning.

    Hope you've been having a great week and that you have lots of fun things planned for the weekend!!

  6. You have some very pretty chippy white pieces! I particularly like the hanging basket. Very pretty. As far as planting flowers in the shade....have you ever tried double begonias? I've had double begonias for the past two years, and they grow beautifully in the shade. They almost look like little roses. Perhaps you should give them a try.

  7. All of the pieces are just gorgeous. Love them. Old, chipped paint just looks loved and worn. Hugs, Marty

  8. Hi Mary,
    Thanks for joining me for Chippy Paint Friday. Looks like it's just you and me!! Your chippy paint things are wonderful, love that chair and hanging basket. For the hanging basket, how bout some moss on the bottom then add some vintage gardening tools, or on a bathroom wall with some hand towels stuffed inside with some pretty soaps, ok I better stop myself! Have a great day, smiles to you, Janice

  9. Love what you did with the clay pot. I'll have to remember this chippy paint event. I've got some chippy stuff of my own. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  10. Mary darling, thanks for stopping by. I am so sorry that the instructions I gave you were not clear. Daling, you need to become a follower with Charli and me, she is the one who started this, her name is Carol and her blog is called Charli and me, this is her blog address -- http://charliandme.blogspot.com/ -- just copy and paste to your address URL to get there. If you want you can also go to my site and click on the blue door that is located on the top right hand corner, you will enter another blog I have called beau-TEA-ful friends and there you will find her, simply click on her name to go to her site.

    Then you will need to follower the ladies involved, which I am positive Carol can help. From that point each Tuesday simply put up a post about either tea or friendship, it can be a photo, a poem, a quote or anything you want.

    I hope this helps or at least Carol can help. Darling next time you stop by my cottage, please join my followers and this way I will put a link to your blog on mine which also will help you with Tuesday tea.

    Let me know if I can add additional info.
    Duchess xx

  11. What an adorable little chair -- love the toile, love the paint job. I have an old ice cream parlor chair that is very chippy -- but my Mom painted it 50 years ago, and I can't bear to repaint it!

    Really nice cottage style... like your eye!

  12. Hi Mary,
    Love the chair just the way it is! Happy Pink Saturday!

  13. Hello and happy Pink Saturday. Even though I am not officially participating, I am! Lovely things - I would leave everything as is in shabby land. Marvelous look IMHO.

    Today is the last day of my night light GIVE AWAY - do stop by and enter if you can.

    Have a wonderful weekend ☺


  14. Hi!!
    Love your chair .
    Happy pink saturday!!!

  15. Love the chair and the toile fabric! I have always loved that shabby look in the magazines and then when I have a piece with chipped paint, I want to paint it. LOL!

    As for the planter, I love those hanging on the house. Put some moss in it with a few different kinds of flowers. Your local floral center will have some you can buy so you can see how to do this. There are probably some instructions on the internet as well. By repeating the same flowers and arranging them in a particular order, they look beautiful. Hard to describe in a comment though!