Tuesday, December 8, 2009

White Wednesday~It Snowed! and Rednesday~My New Scarf

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Yes, we had snow!  We are just about an hour east of San Francisco, so snow is not something we see at our elevation, which is just above sea level, so you can only guess at the excitement we all felt when we woke up to SNOW! 

What is interesting is that the snow didn’t come down on my city, but only on the neighboring cities!  I’m not sure exactly why, but the only reason I can think of is that we are just a few feet lower, and it missed us.  As we drove up the street, we could see the snow on the mountaintops, and when we got to the corner of the intersection and looked to the right, we couldn’t believe what we saw…there were blankets of snow right in front of our eyes! 

For all of you bloggers that are showing photos of snow in your front or back yards, this is nothing, but for us, its wonderful!  Its a miracle we didn’t get into an accident…I was snapping pictures as I was driving, often veering off to one side of the road altogether, and at some places, almost stopping dead in the center of the street!  People understood, though…the drivers were all smiling at each other…we were gazing out our windows to catch every glimpse we could, knowing it wouldn’t last long.  Amazingly, we still had snow on the mountains this morning, due to temps in the 20’s last night, but what had landed on front lawns was long gone.

Here are some photos.  I was absolutely giddy…I just couldn’t stop saying “Look, honey, look at that beautiful snow!”  And he would say “mmm-hmmm” 


If it would snow at about 40 degree or warmer weather, I would welcome it…I love snow, but its the cold I don’t like! 











Here is a snowflake that’s all warm and fuzzy…it was made by my good friend, Lynn, at www.lynnslovelies.blogspot.com .  She does beautiful crochet work, and she made this for me as a gift…  


when I bought this gorgeous scarf…I LOVE it!  The photo does not do it justice…its much prettier in person, and so soft…it snuggles right around your neck like a soft blanky.  I was going to model it for you, but hubby couldn’t get a good photo of me, and I didn’t want to ruin the prettiness of the scarf, so I hope you can tell just how lovely it actually is.  It arrived in only a few days after ordering it from Lynn’s etsy shop, so if you need some beautiful handmade gift items, be sure to visit her and see what other lovelies she has to offer.






   scarf close upscarf end

I do hope you are all enjoying these days before Christmas, preparing your hearts for a celebration of the birth of our Lord. 

God bless everyone... continue to pray throughout this season for our military and their families, for the lonely and hurting, for the sick, and for the lost that need to know the miracle of Christmas Day, the day that our Savior, Jesus Christ,  was born.



  1. What a beautiful scarf! I didn't get to see any snow! My daughter said it snowed at her school and the teacher took them all outside to feel it. I wish I had been there as it was her first time to see it falling. I heard it even snowed around Modesto quite a bit!

  2. Dear Mary, your joy of seeing snow on those mountains is so touching; it is indeed beautiful :o) I'm so pleased that you did not veer off the road, and that the other drivers understood, sharing your delight of the snow. Like you, I love the look of snow, but not the cold, lol.
    Have a blessed day.

  3. Love all of the pictures! I wish it would snow here in Florida!!

  4. The mountains look so pretty Mary! I like snow but what we're getting now is like unreal! I agree, if it stays in the 30's here I'm OK, but we're only supposed to get a high of 0 on Sat., that is awful! Love the scarf, gorgeous! Hugs, Cindy

  5. Oh Mary, the snow covered mountains are just breath taking, what a sight God blessed you with. And the red scarf looks so warm and pretty.
    Thank you for stopping by my blog. I agree we are blessed to be able to go and buy a new heater, right now with the job loses and the economy we are extremely bless.
    Have a great day and Merry Christmas to you and yours

  6. It makes me laugh to see how different people feel about the snow depending on which part of the country they live in. I can understand your excitment knowing snow is something you rarely get to see where you are, but I am just the opposite. Living in Minnesota where we are right in the middle of our first snow storm of the year, I hate it. It's beautiful to look at, but it turns driving into a nightmare. Thank goodness I get to work at home today though, so I'm safely snuggled away here in the house with a quilt on my lap working away!!

  7. That snowflake ornament is so pretty, and it really makes me want to learn to crochet! And that scarf does look so cozy and warm. I want to knit myself a red scarf, and yours is the perfect inspiration!
    Happy REDnesday!

  8. Hi Mary,
    We have plenty of snow already and more on the way! Not happy about that but here in eastern Canada one has to take it whether they like it or not. Anyway, enough complaining! Your scarf is lovely and I love your sweet red bell! A very nice post for REDnessday! Thank you for sharing and have a beautiful day, dear friend.


  9. Ooh, that is a pretty scarf! Looks warm and cozy! I agree - if we could have snow without the cold, we'd all be a bunch of happy campers! We're having about 6 inches here in Mass. this morning - very pretty!

  10. Lovely reds! It snowed here...woke up to about 5 inches this morning. Just wish it hadn't started to sleet :( Have a great day where you are!!

  11. Morning, Mary! Oh, the snow is so beautiful! I could see you driving and snapping! :) I do understand your excitement at seeing it! :)
    Now that is a gorgeous scarf! I love the nice soft one and I love all of the colors in it! Enjoy it. Oh, and I hope you can find that cloche!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  12. Hi Mary

    What stunning picutures of the snow!! We didn't get any snow, but we had plenty of ice. I had to chip it off my windshield to drive to Jenny Craig yesterday morning. It was 36..We live at about 1800 ft. so we get the colder weather sometimes. Also we are at the bsse of Mr. Baldy which is covered in snow. It is always quite beautiful. You have made me realize I have been taking this for granted. Your scarf is sooo pretty. I love the color...

    I am quite stressed this morning, and have soo much to do and now I have stumbled on the stairs this morning and landed on both of my poor poor knees. I can't believe I have done it. I wrenched my wrist too. I do try to be soo careful usually, but I am pre occurpied and in a hurry. I think I will have another quiet time after my shower to try and de stess myself. Suddenly I just really don't like how I am feeling. I would really appreciate a prayer or two. I wrote all this in an e-mail this morning to you and LOST it (who knows how) and I just simply don't have the time again. I have soo much I want to say to you. A letter is coming I promise. Hope all is going well with you. Have a wonderful wonderful day.

    Love and hugs,


  13. Mary, It is lovely, the snow. However, we get the frigid cold also and that I do not like. Your scarf is very pretty. It would look nice on my coat!

  14. Your gift of snow is beautiful indeed! I love seeing the green trees, the grass, and then behind it all the beautiful white mountain tops! Very pretty, and the street scene was lovely too. I love new-fallen snow, it's the next day that I start moaning and groaning about it all.

    Beautiful handiwork by Lynn! I love the crocheted ornament, very pretty and delicate looking. And scarf looks great too, she does very nice work, and the colors are wonderful!

    Love to you,

  15. I love your dusting of snow, Mary! SO pretty and so is that scarf! It's gorgeous.

    Sending you warm hugs from Florida...


    Sheila :-)

  16. Mary....Oh my goodness! What spectacular scenery where you live! How exciting for all of you in that part of the country....even here in Ohio I have not seen any snow yet. Today we are having major wind from that storm that has moved across the country...but no snow. I am sure we will be seeing snow sometime soon, though!~Hugs,Patti

  17. Hi Mary! What a beautiful sight!! Those mountains look amazing and are a sight all of their own!! (that coming from a "flat Florida" gal!) But we have sunshine and blue skies, the perfect beach day!! What a contrast, huh??
    Make it joyful gal!!

  18. Hello from Canada Mary
    I woke up to blustering snow!! Not pretty. I like it when it's all calm out there. I was suppose to start my Christmas shopping, but now I'm going to stay snuggled in my P.J.'s and stay put. : )
    Love your scarf and your white snowflake.
    Happy Rednesday.
    Love Claudie

  19. Wow your mountains are covered with snow...your right I love snow too but not the cold. The red scarf is gorgeous. Thanks for sharing!

    My Rednesday

  20. Beautiful snow ! The scarf looks very nice &comfy.
    Merry christmas !

  21. Oh the snow looks so beautiful on the hills and you are going to need the scarf to keep warm. Thanks for sharing.

    Take care,


  22. I love the snow but hated driving in it. But it looks so pretty.

    BTW, I have an award for you on Heart Choices today Mary.


  23. Mary I so remember when I lived in the Bay area and we got snow once and my daughter were out in there pj's building a snowman and just laughing and carring on...its so much fun to see when you don't have to shovel that white stuff to get out of your driveway ha ha!! Thanks for coming by my friend...glad you got to see the Calif mountain snow I get ha ha!! Mountain hugs to you girl...Gl♥ria

  24. What fun for you to have snow! Around here, it's pretty routine, and today extraordinarily messy! -- but it must be great fun to see it where it normally doesn't fall.

    That scarf is fabulous -- LOVE the mix of colors.

  25. Hi Mary, what a wonderful treat for you all to have snow. We now have 5 above zero. The winds have finally layed down with an inch of snow on the ground. I believe that's winter in anyone's book. lol. I love your beautiful crocheted snowflake, what a lovely gift. Your scarf is beautiful. Red is my favorite color, so would have picked it up right away.. stay warm and safe..hugs ~lynne~

  26. I use to live in San Francisco area and snow is so rare out there. Now you can wear your pretty scarf. Glad you took photos to share because it can be years before it snows again.

  27. How fun you got some snow. It looks so pretty with the green from the lawns in the front and the snow in the background. Your snowflake ornament is beautiful as is your scarf! Happy Thursday.

  28. Congrats. You've won one of my giveaways. Please stop in and accept your gifts. :)

  29. I live in temperate California, like you, so snow is a big beautiful deal to me. These snow capped hills or mountains are lovely, and so is the snuggly scarf.

  30. Mary...I love the snow. I miss my beautiful California.

    I want you to know something...

    You bless me.

    You bless me.

    Love, Rebecca

  31. Good afternoon Mary, All of your photos are lovely. The mountains are especially beautiful. We have a little snow here but it's so cold it's quite uncomfortable to go out. I'm staying in and wrapping Christmas presents. Your scarf is so pretty and what a precious little ornament. I hope you are having a wonderful weekend ♥

  32. Mary,
    The snow looks so pretty!
    I am so hthrilled that you love your scarf and little snowflake:) Thank you so much for sharing them...
    Stay warm and have a wonderful evening!